I was just going through my “Health” file looking for a spreadsheet when out of curiosity I opened another file named “weigh-ins Mar2010 – Sep2010” and my eyes just about bugged out when I read what I’d recorded as my starting weight back then.

Until that moment, if you’d hooked me to a lie detector, I would have sworn my highest weight I’d ever seen on the scale was 314 lbs.  Exclamation ScaleWell to my astonishment, apparently my highest was 327.4 lbs!!!  Holy cow (pun unintended).  I can’t freaking believe it!  And I wear my weight so differently now (after baby #2) that I am 2 sizes BIGGER currently than I was at that much higher weight!
And I know it had to be true – I know myself and that had to be what the scale said at the time (why would I want it to be even more?!).  Even my second weigh-in was 316 and still more than I thought my highest was!
I was in a state of depression at that time (after losing my job, bankruptcy and moving to a state in which I never wanted to live)… maybe I just buried it deep into the recesses of my mind and that’s why I’d didn’t remember ever weighing that much.  Even now, I’m wracking my brain and I have ZERO recollection!
So anyway, that was quite a surprise and now I know.  Man, what else did my brain bury that I can’t remember?  That kind of freaks me out.

On a more pleasant note, I started a quest today to strive to do squats as well as a plank EVERY day.

I’d created a spreadsheet for logging exercise (that was the file I was trying to locate) in order to update it to now include a space for me doing squats & a plank.
I know it is important and can also help further along my results if I add in something besides the walking I do.
Speaking of walking – I already met the monthly goal of 35 miles!  Now I’m on the mission to see how many extra miles I can complete beyond that amount.

So back to the squats – I want to do a minimum of 1 set of 10 daily, but it’s my hope I can manage to remember to do several sets of 10 or more at random points during the day when I get a second.
The plank on the other hand will most likely occur just once a day.  Each day I’ll try to hold it a little longer.
Today was my first plank EVER (well that I can remember!!!!!!! Oy.)  As I suspected, it was short… about 3 seconds long before I dropped down.  Not surprising.
I had the thought “what difference will it make if I only do a 3-10 second plank once a day?” – well, a hell of a lot more than if I never did the plank at all! Right? We’ll see.

327.4… Really??? Seriously, I can’t believe that!  Wow.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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