Weigh-in Week 7

I am honestly surprised that it has already been 7 weeks since I started.  It feels like 3 weeks.  Maybe because I’ve only lost about 3 week’s effort in pounds.  Sadly, that feels very true.  This past week was no exception… I gained 2.4 lbs.   It would have been all 4.2 lbs that I lost last week, but I hustled on Sunday and managed to drop 1.8 lbs overnight.

So my story behind this gain is as follows:  ice & snowed insnow 13Feb2014bfrozen south 13Feb2014 0






These circumstances were not expected.  No seriously, I live in the south, so snow is rare at best and this time around all that was predicted was a rain/sleet mix… no one mentioned the “s” word.
Well to all of our surprise, we got a mess of snow layered with freezing rain pellets, snow again, etc.  What a mess!  We were told not to leave our homes unless it was an emergency.  We couldn’t have left if we wanted as we live in a valley and it’s a hill either way out of our neighborhood and there was no passing it.

So having a full house with hubby working from home, my son out of school as well as visiting friends, there was no available time for me to walk laps inside (I don’t do it if I have an “audience”).  I missed out on 3 days of walking.
Well why couldn’t I just burn some calories playing in the snow?  Truth be told, it was not fun out there will these little pieces of frozen rain pelting your head and the cold wind blowing in your face, nor did I want my 14 month old out in those conditions.  It was only on Thursday it finally warmed up enough and stop precipitating so we could go out.  Sledding was a bust (just the wrong type of snow), though I did get a small workout by shoveling/breaking ice in the driveway.
Also, I’m not sure if it was the innate biological caveman response to being snowed in, but all we wanted to do was eat constantly each day it was snowing and we were stuck in our “cave”… bring on the fat & calories.

I had every bad thing you can think of – chips & dip, pizza, Chinese food, cookies and ice cream.  So terrible!  I had the time and the food available for a healthy lunch of salmon, brown rice and asparagus and what did I make myself?  Two grilled cheese sandwiches.  Seriously?  Yeah, I did that.
Something came over me… like the worst possible default to what a Saturday used to entail (lots of snacking and no one wanting to cook), and with everyone home for 3 days straight in the middle of the week, it felt like 3 Saturdays and I just couldn’t pull out of it.
Ironically, come Saturday I did finally pull out of it since the roads were finally clear & dry and I got to go take a walk with my sister in the park.  My food wasn’t perfect that day, but improved.
Sunday I really double-timed it.  I drank more water, improved my foods and I walked two times, just to make a dent in my weight regain.
That worked, but I still have some rebounding to do.  I really need to get past this point… it’s like a mental roadblock.  I keep losing and gaining the same damn 4.2 lbs for the last 4 weeks (hmmm… well no wonder I feel like I’ve only accomplished 3 weeks – because that’s all I have!) :-/
I’m tired of this rut and I need to get out of it and finally make some improvement.  Hopefully this week I can break free.


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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5 Responses to Weigh-in Week 7

  1. tlf says:

    You poor thing. I went through the exact same scenario except my snow in was filled with WINE! However, I have emerged with a returning determination.

  2. tlf says:

    Hey, do you use My Fitness Pal? It’s a great way to track calories.

    • When I do track calories, I use Sparkpeople. But I only track for about 1-2 weeks just to remind myself what a good day looks like… I certainly am not tracking when I’m way off track! lol I just know counting calories everyday is on the too-obsessive side for me and is not maintainable for the rest of my life, so I prefer to get along without tracking.

      • tlf says:

        I’m like you…I’ll track for a few weeks to get used to an eating plan, but then i just record any weight I’ve lost.

      • I mainly use Sparkpeople to log my exercise… I don’t even care about # of calories burned, I just want a record of days I get any intentional exercise. Amazingly I’ve managed to log exercise consistently for the last 5 years at least… no matter if I’m actively trying to lose or not. It’s cool that I can look at reports of my exercise and see patterns… even as far as seeing I apparently am best with getting exercise during Spring or Fall, not so much in winter or even summer.

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