An Open Letter to the Facebook group “STGH” – UPDATED (again… see italics under update section)

This is for the admins.  I realized this morning that I must have been banned after my post last night talking about the 35 miles my friends assigned me via the fb miles challenge idea & sharing the link to my blog about it.  I’m writing this here in hopes that one of the active members might see this and pass it on seeming I have no other way of contacting you directly.

After re-reading the guidelines I can see that yes, I guess I technically broke the rules from an Admin perspective and I am sorry.
However I beg you to PLEASE RECONSIDER as I really loved being in this group and found it motivating and loved sharing my triumphs there as well as enjoyed being a part of others’ successes.  I have been nothing but a positive member since I was allowed in and would appreciate another chance.

First, if you have an idea of a challenge you would like to see it must be submitted to Peggy or I for approval and posting. All challenges put out for this group will come only from Peggy and I.”

So I did post about a “challenge” – the Facebook Miles Challenge, however it wasn’t a suggestion for a Step to Good Health group challenge, just a suggestion for a motivating challenge the members could do individually on their personal facebook, so I didn’t think this guideline applied.

“Second, there is to be no solicitation of our members by anyone for any reason.”

I totally get the purpose of this rule – to stop those posting links to their own businesses or worse, scams, etc.  I guess I broke this rule because I happened to share the link to this blog for my post about how the challenge works.  The reason I did this was that a) I’ve linked to my blog before and “got away” with it so I thought it was therefore deemed acceptable as it was not seen as negative solicitation and b) instead of having to explain the challenge in a wordy status, I thought it’d be easier to have any interested members read what I already wrote about the topic.  They by all means did not have to click on it, nor did I ask them to.  I didn’t see this being any different than if I was commenting on an article written by someone else and posting the link to the article.
Would have it been ok if I wasn’t the author of the post?  Was that what made the difference?

I really meant nothing by it and even if it is construed as me looking for hits on my blog, it is all positive and of like-mindedness to the group (better health, well-being), but really I just didn’t want to explain the details of the challenge in my status.  I do not receive any monetary benefits for this or any site and I am not scamming anyone.  I’m just a real woman on a mission of better health and anyone I can motivate along the way is just an added benefit.

That was all I was trying to do – motivate those in a slump like I was for a couple weeks.  I wanted to pass on the positivity and the idea of something that helped me get there.
My intentions and my status were both positive with zero malicious intent, so I don’t feel I’m bringing down the group in anyway.  It would have seemed sufficient to delete it and give me a warning.

Can you please consider letting me back in the group?  I really miss it already and if I honestly thought the post I shared was “wrong”, I wouldn’t have posted it.  But I will promise never to link to my own blog ever again if that was the issue, positive or not, if I were to be let back in.

I don’t want to share my actual name here, so please message me via my page:

Thank you for reading.

Oh never mind.  So I was contacted today via my fb page as I requested, but the message I received was from left field and I didn’t see that coming.
Telling me I was sent an email “warning me” I could be removed when I got NO SUCH EMAIL.
And insisting I wasn’t banned or blocked when clearly I WAS… that’s WHY this fucking letter was necessary.
They basically called me a liar and didn’t ban me because of my post, but because of this letter!!! WHAT A JOKE SINCE I WAS ALREADY BANNED! Oy.

They were mad I “took it public” when I clearly mentioned in this blog as well as with their contact with me on my page’s timeline this morning that an open letter was my ONLY option to contact them.
They apparently don’t believe me.
I see in my regular email that they posted on my timeline 3 times and deleted the first two. They called me “Stefanie” at first. CLEARLY they had no idea who I was and probably just DON’T REMEMBER that they did in fact block me from the group.
And instead of fessing up that maybe they made a mistake, they blame facebook for the error & insinuate I am a liar because they insist they never blocked me.

Clearly having almost 16,000 members has proven to be too much for 3 regular people to manage.
The GROUP itself is still AWESOME – I am NOT BASHING the ‘STEPS TO GOOD HEALTH’ *group* – it is supportive and motivating.
HOWEVER – don’t under any circumstance post a link to ANYTHING or you’ll risk getting removed… email warning or not.  Just saying.

Little do they know that I can still see all posts & what goes on in the group anytime I want, just not in my personal newsfeed… I’m not going to say how. 😉   (Nice try changing the group from “Closed” to “Secret” today 3/27/14… I can still see you!)   I will add that don’t worry, the group is not “out there” for anyone to see… people’s privacy is still intact from the general public/their friends/family, so don’t stress.
2 pm : I just got your email in my “other” folder… which seems to have been sent AFTER (says “3 hrs ago”) our conversation on my page timeline that you deleted… but you said we were done.  I’m baffled.
I continue to be baffled why you keep mentioning that my letter is bashing the group. How is the letter above in ANY WAY “bashing” the group or the guidelines???  Quoting guidelines and explaining how I thought I didn’t go against them is simply not the same thing as “bashing” them.
I really get the impression you skipped every other line of my letter and took it negatively from the start, not letting my thoughts be heard or situation understood.  I suggest you re-read my letter – EVERY FREAKING WORD and then maybe you’ll understand I never bashed the group… I was begging to be let back in for goodness sake!  Why would I bash a group I wanted to be let back into?   That makes NO SENSE!
And if you really read it, you’d understand I COULD NOT keep it “private” because I did not have access to message any of you… maybe that was a facebook mess up… we’ll never know.  All I know is that I posted my apparently rule-breaking post in the evening and by the next morning I had ZERO access to the group… couldn’t even see the members list or “Join Group” option or the list of Admins… NOTHING was available to me and it was like that a week later too… after that I stopped looking because I’d given up.  I don’t appreciate being PUNISHED for something that I couldn’t help (communication via an open letter because at the time I had no other way).   And on our talk via my timeline you didn’t mention I could be let back in if I deleted this… why not?  We could have settled this then, but you said we were done.
Even now, I SEE your message in my “Other” folder, but there is no option for me to respond to it… I’ve never seen that in fb before and don’t know why it’s doing that.

So yeah… this has all been REALLY UNFORTUNATE and UNNECESSARY.  I know my truth and it is all right here to read.  I have never lied about not receiving an email or that I couldn’t access their names on the page to contact them directly.  Now I wish I took a screenshot to show them how the page appeared to me days & even weeks after I was blocked.  Ah well.

This has now been the most infuriating online encounter of my life so far… such miscommunication just eats at me.


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One Response to An Open Letter to the Facebook group “STGH” – UPDATED (again… see italics under update section)

  1. Bonnie says:

    You can report the group. I do think the issue is the one moderator. The other two are reasonable but not as active. Or maybe reach out to Peg the founder.

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