The Biggest Loser Backlash

The Biggest Loser fans are never satisfied.  If I’m completely honest, I am one of the complainers sometimes.  Let’s be real, there are some big expectations come ‘The Biggest Loser’ finale.   At least for me, when it comes to the really big people, I know that they aren’t yet going to be at their goal weight by finale just because of the sheer amount of weight they have left to go, but I think it does “disappoint” many fans (like they had a stake in it or something).
However I (like many others) did not expect Rachel (last night’s winner) to Rachel - biggest loser 2be *so* skinny and the backlash of comments (and now blogs) is already huge.

So we complain if contestants aren’t skinny enough and when they are too skinny?  Are we ever satisfied?  Yes.  At least I am, but it really seems like all we do is complain sometimes and I had to poke fun – even at myself.

But seriously… Rachel was 105 lbs.  That’s supermodel weight.  She’s practically an Olsen twin.  When the scale did those random weights at her weigh-in that are usually in the plus 20 lbs/minus 20 lbs range, for the first time ever, it actually blinked numbers like 78 and 87.  She lost 60% of herself!  155 lbs lost… I would love to weigh the amount she lost!!  Wowza.
And as far as her face looks, it doesn’t look “healthy”.  She’s only 24, but now

The last weigh-in before finale VS. her at the finale.   Who looks more healthy and vibrant to you?

The last weigh-in before finale VS. her at the finale. Who looks more healthy and vibrant to you?

she looks like she’s on the Lindsay Lohan aging plan.  Rachel was so vibrant and beautiful already at the last weigh-in before the finale.  She’s completely lost that healthy glow in her face now.
And most winners flex their new muscles after their finale weigh-in, but she didn’t look to have any muscles left to flex!   OK, yes there were muscles under there, but they were tiny compared to her fellow contestants.  It really looked like she hadn’t eaten in days and barely had the strength to lift her leg enough to get up the scale stairs (she tripped).

And here is where I call myself out as a hypocrite.  Not too long ago I created a post defending Bethenny Frankel’s skinny body that a lot of critics are calling too skinny.  Yet here I am complaining Rachel seemed too thin.

The difference?  Bethenny was never *that* fat.  Rachel was very overweight.  I truly think that variance makes all the difference in the world.  To make such a huge change to your body can shock it.  And you are so far from where you were that is shocks people and takes them by surprise (hell, I had people calling me “skinny” when I weighed 190 lbs!  But it was based on where’d I’d come from).  Bethenny’s weight loss was gradual and we all know she EATS.  You can’t say the same for Rachel, especially when you consider the very short time frame such a change was made.
And here’s the other difference.
Bethenny’s chances of maintaining her small weight for the next decade:  98%
Rachel’s chances of maintaining her small weight for the next decade (or even the next year): 1%

So congrats to Rachel on the win, but I think she could look healthier with at least an additional 15-20 lb on her frame and I don’t think I’m alone on this boat.

And as sick and twisted as it is, I find myself staring at her gorgeous legs and small frame and find myself inspired.

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