Feeling Positively Odd

So this past week I feel like I kind of coasted… some good days, some off days, some old diet mentality sneaking in, but me attempting to balance out my days.
Well I’m not too sure what chance in hell I have of getting any sort of weight loss for tomorrow’s weigh-in.
At best I was hoping to maintain (I’d gone up a little and was able to get back to Monday’s weigh-in weight this morning) but the pizza monster struck again tonight.
Last week by some miracle (I seriously should be put in a test tube and studied) I lost 1.4 lbs after ingesting a medium pizza & 3 slices of dessert pizza the night before, but I don’t think lightning will strike twice.
Again I consumed a medium pizza sans crust and this time the dessert was lava cakes.  I did not plan on this, but was easily convinced to come to the dark side by my hubby and son.  I agreed and ordered before it occurred to me that shit, today is Sunday and my weigh-in is tomorrow.  Crap.

Oddly enough, as I sit here VERY satisfied and full (but not uncomfortable), I am in good spirits – like I’m really ready to take the week on and get back to business.
This is so odd for me.  Usually after such an indulgence you feel guilt, remorse, bloated, gross, mad at yourself… nope!  Not me!
Weird right?
I’m feeling more positive than I have ALL DAY (and all day I’d eaten well and exercised).  I’m not sure what’s going on here.  Maybe I needed some fat in my diet?
Whatever this is, it’s just nice to feel positive again… my mind and positive spirits took a downward spiral around Wednesday and I haven’t regained it until now.  It’s a little too late to do anything about what I just ate, other than not eating anything else for the remainder of the night and drinking LOTS of water.
So who knows what the scale will say tomorrow, but regardless I hope this positive feeling remains and I can start the week off right.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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One Response to Feeling Positively Odd

  1. brewer317 says:

    Good luck in your weight loss journey. I’ll be following you! I’m in school to become a registered dietitian so you may find my blog useful: http://whatmattersnutrition.wordpress.com

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