This Week’s Recap

I am secretly relieved when the kids have already been put to bed by the time I get back from grocery shopping.  It’s just so much easier to deal with the task of unpacking the car and putting everything away without my baby girl underfoot.  I miss kissing their foreheads goodnight, but the relief of unpacking in peace and getting to truly chill when I’m done is worth it.

So I’m liking this new schedule of Friday being my grocery shopping day instead of interrupting Saturdays and family time like I was doing.  It’s nice to have it all done prior to the weekend.
I was on budget again for food, so it’s looking good for the month.  Non-foods however, I think are too far over… car taxes aren’t helping that.

I’ve been kind of blah and a little off track the last couple of days.  I was doing so well early in the week, but it all went South on Thursday and I kind of reverted to bad diet mentality which never ends well.  I’ve had a bit too many snacky food items (Trader Joe’s crunchy curls, popcorn, or Triscuits).  Of course my “friend” (Aunt Flo) visiting is probably not helping my mood or my choices.  I totally forgot to have my green drink today.
I seriously need to rally this weekend if I want any hope of weight loss… or even maintenance.
I can do it.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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