Finding Balance & a Buddy

I really hope that all of my days of the week will eventually feel and turn out like Tuesdays do for me now.  To make sense of this you have to realize that my weigh-in day is Monday and that causes a certain amount of stress over the weekend.  By Tuesday I feel relaxed and love that it doesn’t matter what it says on the scale.  Granted, I put this all on myself… yes, I understand that, but there is a positive to this negative…
By giving myself that weigh-in day, I create accountability.  Also, it does really help me stay health minded over the weekend – “oh wait, it’d be best if I didn’t eat that tonight because I’m weighing in tomorrow”, etc.  This does really help me actually.
But the stress… I don’t mean to stress, but the relief I feel on Tuesdays always lets me know that I was feeling tension and pressure to have a good weigh-in.
But someday, perhaps when I’m no longer blogging (doubt it) and I’ve gotten closer or at my goal, there might still be a Monday weigh-in (an important factor for maintenance), it won’t bother me as much because getting a loss won’t be the desired goal… just to maintain.  So I hope there will be slightly less stress involved, but maybe just enough to keep me on track – I need to get to that balance.
But for the most part I’d love every day to be like how I feel on Tuesdays currently… I almost always have another little loss (which could be totally related to releasing the stress) and I just feel free and good about myself and although the “pressure” is off, I still want to make good choices, but somehow they feel less forced and more natural… which is exactly what I’m striving for.

I also just made a new buddy.  Thanks to Sparkpeople,

This is a fitness emoticon Sparkpeople has - a perfect (future) representation of my new buddy & I

This is a fitness emoticon Sparkpeople has – a perfect (future) representation of my new buddy & me

I found a person actually nearby that I could meet up with and go for walks!  SWEET!  I’ve been thinking about this and hoping for it for years, but never found anyone.  She’s perfect because she just had a baby and can relate to all the stuff I just went through in the last year, but good for her she’s nipping it in the bud now instead of waiting a year like I had to do.
We walked for an hour today and it was all mostly talk about babies… that works for me.  I don’t know her age, how long she’s lived in the area or even her weight loss goal, but we’ll have plenty of time to get to all that in the future.  She’s very nice and we chatted very nicely with zero awkwardness.  It was nice.  I haven’t made an adult friend in a REALLY long time that didn’t involve school or work.

So now I have my walk on Wednesday with my new buddy and my walk with my sister on Sunday.  I’ve been doing really well getting in at least a 30 minute walk at home during the other weekdays while Kolby naps.  Things are chugging along.
Remember how I complained about a week ago that I couldn’t see the weight loss changes in my face like usual?  Well the loss is finally showing!  My jawline is slowly but surely coming back and I can finally see that again.  Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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