Week 3 Weigh-in

This is a day late, but here goes… another good weigh-in!  And finally I’m officially back in the 2’s again.  I’m not so-so on the diet/exercise plans like I was 2 months ago when I last earned this achievement, so no more going back into the 300’s this time… damn it.
Loss: -2.4 lbs
Total Loss: -6.8 lbshappy scale
I’m super pleased with these results so far.  I had a slow start, but I just needed to figure out how my body is acting this time around and what works for it.  Averaging a 2.26 lb loss per week is on the high end for me, so how could I not be pleased?  Especially since some of my food choices weren’t the best this week… more on that later.
At this point it’s super hard for me not to take that number and multiply it by 52 and see how much I could lose in a year (wow – 117 lbs!  told you) because I know that a) not every week will be a good week, b) no one’s body loses *that* consistently, and c) as you get smaller, it takes more effort to lose weight, so let me wipe the smile off my face and the ideal hopes out of my mind.
I mean 100 lbs would be flipping fantastic.
Crap… I wasn’t going to do this (project the future and get my hopes too high).  It DOESN’T work for me.  Been there, done that and I’m wearing the 5X t-shirt.  I need to concentrate on the week at hand and watch the losses increase and take them for what they are.  NO PROJECTING!

There are still mysteries at hand to unravel… like how the hell it was that I was able to eat a medium pizza sans crust, 3 slices dessert pizza and somehow manage a 1.4 lb loss the next morning.
The pizza was completely free of charge (good for my budget) because it was a gift card, so maybe the calories don’t count when there isn’t financial guilt attached? Huh.  More likely my body actually needed a high calorie boost seeming the dinners & other meals and snacks prior to that night were rather stellar during the week (plus I actually exercised just about every day).
Don’t worry, I’m not going to plan on ordering a pizza weekly and expecting this result.  It doesn’t jive with my plans of truly getting back to moderation (never will eating a whole medium pizza EVER be considered moderate!) and it was most likely a complete fluke.
I’m just glad that not only did I maintain that loss, but I lost a little more by yesterday’s weigh-in.  I think Bethenny Frankel hit the nail on the head in her book Naturally Thin… it’s about balance.  Have a completely bad food day?  Have a good day the next day and eat clean.  A meal full of fats and carbs?  Make your next meal lean protein and full of veggies.
I guess I balanced my week and my body agreed.  I’m glad it did, but that was a test that could have failed miserably, so I won’t be doing that on purpose anytime soon.


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