Getting Out From Behind the Camera

So I did it… I let myself be videotaped with my whole body in view!  If anything I’d usually only allow just my face which is still a rarity because I’m usually the one hidden behind the camera.  After being inspired by some rather old family videos, I’m taking an “it is what it is” approach to being filmed… for still & motion picture (at least for my family’s viewing pleasure).
I don’t want to look back and watch family videos and think “I wonder what I looked like then” without going through the hassle of looking up photos from the same time.  That, and someday I won’t be around and my kids will be watching these videos and will probably wish I wasn’t ALWAYS behind the camera.  So I can do it… for myself and for them.
Sure, I’m the biggest I’ve ever been… so effing be it.  I can’t wait to look back and watch and think “wow, I forgot how big I was then”.  I better not look back and say “I didn’t look so bad – I wasn’t *that* fat” because that would probably mean I’m heavier (oh please no).

Yesterday was as good a day as ever to start recording.  It was a beautiful day and we were all playing outside.  Our son Gavin had five (yes, 5!) friends over and they were all on the trampoline and we played a little dodge ball with beach balls.  It was all a lot safer and non-eventful than it sounds, I promise.
Then we moved onto kicking the soccer ball up and down our hill which turned into teams of 3 on each end going back and forth and then Frisbee got started as well.
I love when we’re all active out in the yard (and because we are outside, I really don’t care that there are 5 extra kids running around – the more the merrier in that circumstance).  This time of year up until about June is the best for playing outside.  Come April we’ll clean the pool and get that started for the season too.
It was just nice getting out and having fun which happened to involve exercise.  I took video of all the kids on the trampoline and some of our baby girl Kolby just sitting by her slide taking it all in.  Since I wasn’t in the video (except for my shadow briefly), I had hubby take a picture of me up on the hill with the soccer ball.  A full body shot.  I don’t take those unless it’s a “before” photo or if I’m very close to “after”.  It was about time I was fully dressed and not in tight spandex or a tank top for a full body shot!  Of course the one of me not putting a foot on the ball and actually ready for the picture was blurry.  Ah well.

Me - 19Jan2014  It only gets better from here right?

Me – 19Jan2014 It only gets better from here right?

Even after an afternoon like that I convinced hubby to go on a family walk after dinner.  It would have been neat to have the camera then too, but it takes horrible video if there isn’t abundant light, so that wouldn’t have worked seeming it was very dark at the time.

Before putting the kids to bed, they were playing on my bed and Gavin suggested I videotape it.  Good idea!  So I did, and for the first time I can remember, I actually turned the camera back on myself so I could be there with my kids on the bed (but it was only an upper body/face shot).  Then my son took the camera out of my hands…
Thank goodness he did.  It lead to him following his sister into his room and her opening one of those books you can record your voice in and it was the one Grandpa had done for our son a few years ago.  It started playing and Gavin said “I want to remember what Grandpa’s voice sounded like” and so he recorded it (aww… how sweet was that?).  Not long after that he put the camera on me – full body shot – and announced to the camera “that’s your mommy” (he kept talking like he was addressing his future self watching this video).
I wouldn’t have gotten those special moments if not for him doing that.
It was a really great Sunday.


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