Life Goes On

If you couldn’t tell by my previous post, I was feeling rather nostalgic yesterday.  The main reason is because my sweet old kitty of 14 years died.  He went quickly (the quickest so far) which was a relief, but it doesn’t make it any less sad.  Though my day very much had a ‘’life goes on” feeling about it.
It’s not that I mourned him less than the passing of my 16 year old kitty just 5 short months ago, but this time there was less crying.  This time it came on fast… I found him in the morning at 9am unable to stand and refusing water & his medicine (wrapped in cheese – one of his favorites) and by 11am he was gone.  Just like that.

Here he was as a sweet kitten... so damn cute.

Here he was as a sweet kitten… so damn cute.

He had been slightly more skinny and feeble the past week or so, but just the night before he was still climbing the stairs, sociable, getting up on the cat perch, drinking plenty of water and wanting (begging) for the usual amount of food.
I guess that even though it was quick, I still saw it coming and had been giving him plenty of love.  Maybe I cried so much 5 months ago (and 2 years before that after the slow, agonizing death of my 12 year old kitty… the first in my entire life I actually witnessed the death of because up until then, all of the kitties I’d lost had just gone outside and never returned home or died when I no longer lived with them) I don’t have any more in me.
My day just went on as usual… just hours later I still kept my date with my sister to walk our usual 5K at the park (though usually we do that on Sunday, but she had plans so we moved it up to Saturday).
At my request via Facebook IM beforehand, we did not mention my kitty during the walk and my sister was more than happy to go on and on about her life and I certainly didn’t mind.
I got home and watched a funny show with hubby as baby girl went around playing with toys and our little man had two friends over and were playing outside.  And later, as it was getting closer to dark, it was time to bury our furry friend, so we all headed outside.
This was the 3rd kitty we’d be burying in the corner of our backyard under the holly bush since we moved here 4.5 years ago.
While that was going on my son was still on the trampoline with his two friends having a ball.  I wasn’t about to stop the fun and make a huge deal of it and bum everyone out.  Instead I brought my kitty over to him (wrapped in an old t-shirt I donated for the occasion) and asked if he wanted to pet him one last time and say goodbye.
He was nonchalant about it, which I sort of expected as he was distracted.
Hubby was about 25 feet away playing with our baby girl on the slide and I was left alone to place our kitty in his grave and say my goodbyes.
It wasn’t the teary, quiet, respectful moment the 2 other kitties in the ground had gotten, but I think he’d understand.
Next I switched off with hubby to keep an eye on our little girl and he went over to say his goodbyes and start putting the dirt back in the hole.
And life went on… I went over to the kids and fooled around with them on the trampoline and then it was time for dinner and some shows to watch.
Later I started watching the 1922-1969 family videos on DVD my sister provided to me so I could make my own copy.  I had never watched them before.  All but 2 people in those videos had passed away… like my kitty.  And life goes on.  Someday my kids will watch videos from these very days and I won’t be there anymore either.  And life goes on.
Rest in peace sweet Kitten.


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2 Responses to Life Goes On

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat’s passing. We get so attached to those little creatures! It’s good that it was quick. Keeping you in my thoughts. *Hugs*.

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