Calories In, Calories Out – start the debate!

Since I’m a part of some closed groups on Facebook that are health-minded, I see many posts about “I did X number of steps”, “I only ate # of calories and burned # calories”, “I’m under my calories for the day”, etc. and one caught my eye (and many similar) that got me thinking.
To paraphrase, this woman said she burned 1200 calories and ate 2500 calories that day.  Now first off, that just barely puts her over the MINIMUM that ANY woman should eat in a day (1200 calories), but awesome for her to burn 1200.
To me that’s like Biggest Loser calorie burn numbers… some serious working out (something I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER done in my entire life).  I know what I do for about 260-300 calorie burn and obviously that’s 4 times as much which I consider maybe not extreme, but some serious time dedicated to sweating.
So for me, it begs the question –  why not just eat less and not have to work out so long/as hard?

And I’m not talking about those days (you know those days) when the ice cream and chips are calling your name, so you make the conscious decision to work it off later, but more of the case of a person who does this on a daily basis.

This person was smaller than me and even I don’t consume 2500 calories in a day.  With lots of variety, no deprivation and tasty foods I can manage to eat around 2000 calories (or less) per day (I know because I started tracking on Sparkpeople again so I could get a clear picture/reminder of what that looks like in a day).  Imagine not working out for those 500 extra calories you didn’t eat.  To me it’s worth just not eating it in the first place.
Because let’s face it, if she was a huge exercise lover, she probably wouldn’t have been overweight and need to lose weight in the first place.

I don’t know, maybe it’s my feelings toward exercise coming through (I do not “love” it… maybe occasionally I can feel really good and get that high – rare – but that still doesn’t make me look forward to doing it… never has).
I don’t think I could ever be a part of the club of people who purposefully make a big indulgence in food because they choose to work their butts of later.
My mind immediately goes to ‘what if you eat that indulgence and never get to actually doing the exercise?’ – that is my world.

By eating more, you are just giving yourself the extra task of burning what you ate, not getting down to the stored fat cells you want to disappear.

I’m an ‘eat less so I don’t have to work out as hard’ type of person.

Right now with my current weight and BMR (basal metabolic rate) with light activity, if I keep my calories around 2000 daily, that’s a 900 calorie deficit already (yes, it apparently takes 2900 calories or more to sustain this fat ass).  Add in 300 calories burned via walking and my deficit is 1200 and it only took less than 45 minutes of my day.

To me that means I’m working smart instead of hard.
It makes sense to me.


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