Bethenny Frankel outdoes herself

How many times have you seen a person put out a diet book and years later they are even thinner than they were in the cover photo on their book?  Rarely!  And who meets this criteria?  Bethenny Frankel

For anyone following my blog since my 365/100 Project knows what a big fan of Bethenny I am (and I’ve never even watched The Real Housewives of anywhere or when she was on the ‘Apprentice’…. I first discovered her on/after ‘Skating With The Stars’).
Some would say that these days she looks unhealthily skinny, but I know better.  She may be “skinny”, but any real fan knows the woman EATS!
That’s what makes her being even thinner such an impressive feat, especially when you know she exercises (yoga) sporadically.  She’s just following the rules she shared in her Naturally Thin book years ago that she thankfully shared to “democratize health”.
It only occurred to me after seeing her daily on her talk show (which is as real-time as I’m going to get seeing her) and then picking up her book again (to re-read) that I noticed her picture on the cover and if I had to guess, I’d say she’s maybe 10-15 lbs lighter now than she was for that photo shoot.Bethenny comparison

It’s hard to see in these pictures, but more evident watching her show… you can see the differences in her hips/thighs, legs and face.

Either way, I see her as inspirational and healthy.
You go girl.


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