Confusion & Cuteness

Just to explain the post my subscribers just received, that was from March 10, 2012.  It used to be a part of a different post where I was discussing raspberry ketones & green tea and now that I’ve started a “Reviews” page, I’m attempting to go through and compile all the things I’ve reviewed over the years into one place and wanted them to be separate.
Honestly, that post really should have been separate anyway… I’ve learned my lesson for the future.
But as it turns out, perhaps my “New Plan” I talked about there wouldn’t be a bad idea to give a try again!
I’d actually forgotten what the “plan” was and had to read it to remind myself!  Doh.
That’s when I was doing so well before I got pregnant which lead to everything that has happened since… oh the good ol’ (body) days.

But I wouldn’t give up this cutie for a better body.  I plan to have both. 🙂
KHW Jan2014


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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