Getting Older & Weight Loss

I’ve been feeling the effects of getting older lately.  It’s been building and hinting here and there, but I feel like many factors came to a head this past year.
Hairs are growing where I don’t want them (and no longer just 1 or 2 occasionally… it’s every damn day and so many now), greys coming in like CRAZY and omg has my weight SETTLED – lower belly, hips and thighs have never been larger, even at a higher weight.  And aches and pains that can’t be just the extra weight, but maybe a combo of being a larger size for so long and my age now.  It’s fun getting older, isn’t it?
It pains me to think it, but I fear my age is also playing a factor in my weight loss now as well.
My body just isn’t reacting like it used to.
Normally when I start eating clean and especially when I drink a ton of water, I can feel and look better (in my face – it used to ALWAYS show in my face) even the next day with no exercise required.
Here I am over a week in and my weight has barely budged, my face looks exactly the same and I’m just not getting that lighter feeling or spark of new energy in my body like I’ve always gotten (even within the past year).
It’s starting to bum me out.  I mean I can overlook the scale and just plain ignore it all together and keep on keeping on, but usually because I had other “feeling good” factors to propel me.
What happened to me?
Throughout all these years, without fail my face would reflect weight loss – even just a 1 pound loss would show… it was like a barometer for me and seeing that in the morning put a smile on my face.
Instead, I’ve really been good, weight loss is slow but happening, but I look as fat as ever and feel in the morning as if I was still on the maintaining/gaining phase.

What gives?

I really hope there isn’t some other factor holding me back.  I’ve gotten my thyroid checked within the last 2 years and all was fine.  The biggest change lately was having a baby.  And now I have an intolerance to dairy I’ve never had before in my life because of the 1 year break I took for my baby during breastfeeding (and I’ve gone months without dairy previously during a certain diet and went right back to dairy with no issues).
Things just don’t “bounce back” anymore… in so many ways.
It’s freaking me out.
And no, I’m not pregnant again (I’m teetering on the edge of age where this will no longer be a factor, but it’s still a possibility).  I’ve watched enough episodes of “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” to learn that women can sometimes get what they think is their period on time, every month, yet still be pregnant, so to be safe I took a test just a few weeks ago and… definitely negative.  (Whew!)

It is just that eating clean & plenty of water don’t yield what they used to?  Is exercise now a DAILY must in order to see results?  Ugh… that saddens me as this has never been the case (and I mean for the beginning of my journey… I know exercise is needed more & more as I get further along).
Almost ANY time I’ve started fresh trying to lose weight again my concentration for the first couple of weeks is food & water and in every case but now, that yields pounds lost and that awesome lighter/feeling good/pep in my step & a thinner face.  I once lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks and had done no intentional exercise (just to prove a point to myself that the food choice was effective).
Those days have passed apparently.
I already felt like I had a huge uphill battle ahead, but now I feel like someone tied rocks to my ankles at the starting line… no fair.

I’m trucking on anyway… hoping that maybe a larger loss and me persevering will eventually give me what I seek… in so many ways.

(or maybe in true fashion of this blog, once I put my complaint out into the void, it fixes itself)

... or in this case, my body's plans

… or in this case, my body’s plans


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