Early Morning Chill & Parental Pride

So today I woke up starving… at 4am.  On a morning when everyone could get a little extra shut eye because of a 2 hour delay opening my son’s school due to “extreme cold temperatures”

Admittedly, I never expected such temps in the South!

Admittedly, I never expected such temps in the South!

(I had to laugh when I got the automated call last night about the delay – they are wussies here in the south – shit, I used to walk to school in Vermont when it was -10 degrees F wearing a skirt!), here I am wide awake after only 4 hours of sleep.  I tried for an hour to fall back asleep… fail.

Me being hungry is good though – it means I’ve awakened my metabolism once more.  It is a happy (and desired) side effect from eating more frequent, smaller portioned meals.

In other news, for maybe the third time so far, we managed to get both our kids in bed/to sleep by 9pm last night.  I can’t tell you the feeling of parental satisfaction and pride when this happens.  It’s like the dream hour… not too early so that the baby gets up when it’s still dark the next day (she doesn’t do the whole sleeping-for-12-hours baby thing she’s supposed to), but not so late that you can’t have some quality adult time afterwards (read:  anytime over 1 full hour).
But let’s face it, even just an hour of adult time goes by SO FAST and is taken up by shit I have to do.
Let’s break it down:

10-15 mins checking school folder, initialing paperwork (in 2 places mind you), making sure finished homework got back inside folder and prepacking my son’s lunch for the next day
5-10 mins kitchen clean up – putting away dishes & starting a new load and countertop wipe down – maybe even some pots & pans cleaned, but rare… save those for the next day 😉
5 mins – preparing myself a tea while washing out/filling up my daughter’s sippy cups for the next day
5 mins – preparing an evening snack
15-25 mins – catching up on Facebook, checking/responding to emails/reading blogs/mentally deciding my to do list for the next day… Are there bills to pay?  What’s for dinner again? Any appointments?  Phone calls to make? Etc.

So right there, I’ve basically eaten up an hour so that when I can finally put my laptop aside and maybe truly chill and watch some TV, it’s already pretty late.
But this is my life… I try to get some of those things done prior to the kids going to bed, but it’s rare.  I think it’s much more important to join in and play tag/be silly/roll around on the floor with my son & daughter instead of doing kitchen duties and missing out on playing with them.  So in true parent fashion, I miss out on “me” time later instead.
I’ll have plenty of me time when they are both off at college/starting their own adult lives.

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