Week 1 in Review

From my posts of juicing and what I can only hope is a very obvious switch in tone to a happier me, you’d probably think I had The Greatest Week Ever with a great weight loss to show for it… well, yes and no.
Although I did have the best food week that I’ve had in over a year, it was far from perfect – far from eating completely like the 165 lb woman I want to be (‘If you build it, they will come’ – If I act it, it will be).  If I had to pick & choose some examples…
– She would have been satisfied at 3-4 Hershey’s kisses, not 6-7 (or maybe skipped them all together)
– She would have had WAY less of a serving of Chinese food and probably skipped the springs rolls entirely
– She would have gotten more intentional exercise
– Instead of the 2.5 cups of rice milk for her ovaltine dessert the other night, she would have been satisfied just to have 1 cup in a smaller glass

I see where I need to make adjustments, but I’m not going to underplay that I really did have such a better week than I have in a long time.
The scale didn’t appreciate my week, but I’m not surprised.  I only had half the equation at work – better food and portions, but very little exercise.  I did register a 1.4 lb loss.  But I’ve seen this weight several times over the past couples months.  Getting another 6 lbs down will have me branching into new territories that I haven’t seen in a while… that’ll be more exciting.
And I foresee an up & down battle of fat vs muscle vs water weight for many months to come.
So I am really distancing myself from the scale mentally & emotionally.  How I feel is what matters.   With each day I eat right, my “top belly” seems to shrink in (when it was physically impossible to even suck in before) and I FEEL BETTER – I feel my bones and muscle underneath the fat and they seem more accessible to me (I don’t know if anyone will understand that).  It’s just the way I feel and connect with my body that only comes with making better choices for it.

Here are some other highlights:

– Braised cucumbers should only be consumed by those who like squash, otherwise YUCK!
– I realized my hubby has seen me through a weight variance of 125 lbs (50 lbs up & 75 lbs down) from the weight I was when we got married over 14 years ago & his variance is 150 lbs – all gain from the day we got married.   So go me! 😛
– It was important to me to really focus on food choices this week without the pressure of exercise too… baby steps. (Plus it was school vacation and I can’t work out in front of my son & his friend!)
– It feels awesome to feel in control again.  Last year was all about my baby girl and this year I will make ME a priority and because of her advances and improvements, I should actually be able to do so (happier mom, better mom)
– Started 5K walks with my sister again (every Sunday)
– Hubby got sick and I really hope with all the nutrients in my juicing & healthier living that I can avoid getting his cold
– The scale does not rule my life anymore… not at the moment anyway
– Drinking a green drink too late in the afternoon is like having a caffeinated drink too late… it will keep me up
– Sleep eludes me – it takes me 9 hours to get 6 hours of sleep (and when you’re a mom of two, those 3 hours are PRECIOUS and I just wasted them laying in a bed not sleeping… grr)
– I just ordered fast dissolve Melatonin tablets… we’ll see how that goes

So here’s to a new week.
Hubby is working from home today.  I hope he’ll stay up in his office during baby girl’s nap time so I get a walk in today.


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