Weighing in on the Scale

So the scale has not been my friend all week.  I’m not even sure I’ll register a loss tomorrow.  But do you know what’s surprising? I don’t care!

Sorry scale!

Sorry scale!

Never have I been so distant from the scale.  But I think it finally hit me that it is rather “newbie” to be so scale-dependent and something so linked to a “diet” – as in the four letter word bad kind/fad/short term, etc.  I’m far from a newbie, but it occurred to me with all the things I’ve learned over the past couple of years, this wasn’t one of them.  Ok, it was, but I secretly continued my obsession with the scale.  Well maybe I’m over it… for real.
I know I’m putting good things into my body.  I know my calories have been much better.  My portions have improved and I even managed some exercise.  So bottom line, all that is good for me and I FEEL better.  That is what is important.
And eventually I would love my clothes to feel baggy and get back into sizes I’m more familiar with.  This is the stuff that matters.
I’ve been saying that for years, but I don’t think I deep down believed it because the scale was king.
Will I still weigh myself?  Of course.  With such a large journey and weight loss needed, it’d be crazy not to track that along the way, however as I get closer and within say 20 lbs of my goal, I think it will be less important because I won’t have so far to go and that’s a good great time to be disconnected from the scale.  As long as I’m still making the choices that make me feel better (and eventually look better), then I don’t have to be so dependent.  If I’m not making good choices, well then the scale will be a good kick in the butt reality check I’ll need, but save it for that.
This is all new to me.  I feel a certain amount of freedom now and a weight off my shoulders.
I hope I keep this outlook and that it isn’t fleeting.

In other news, I managed to behave in the manner of a healthy, fit 165 lb woman today in all aspects (calories, water, food choice & exercise) – that is what makes me feel good, not a scale.


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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