Juicing Day 2, Wasa bread & Braised Cucumbers

So my original intent (you know, besides making a healthier choice) to go back to juicing was to swap it out for coffee.  I’ve been having coffee a little too much lately.  I need the “pick me up”, which is why I was having it, but *my* version of coffee includes way too many non-dairy powdered creamers and that’s not good for my blood sugar or my bad cholesterol (and I HATE coffee without them).  And since having a green drink does help provide energy, I figured this swap would be successful.
And it has for the most part… but this is only Day 2 of juicing.  I actually juiced for breakfast and juiced again when I would have normally had coffee (same blend of kale, spinach, apple, carrot, kiwi and oh – I totally forgot to include in my recipe post from yesterday that I also include about a dozen small cubes of butternut squash – the kind that comes pre-cut in a bag).  It got me going enough to be productive and that was my goal for today since it takes my kids 2 seconds to destroy what was a cleaned house and it desperately needed my attention.

Unintentionally my day hasn’t included that many carbs.  So I had a piece of Wasa flatbread for a snack.  It has a taste & texture that is an acquired taste, but I could get used to it.

As I sit here, I’m getting hungrier by the minute because I can smell the whole chicken which I infused with garlic, rosemary & thyme roasting away in the oven.  The drippings of which will help flavor the chopped red potatoes, carrots & celery which are roasting with it.  And for another veggie side, I am attempting braised cucumbers for the first time!
I recently re-watched Julie & Julia and the part where Julie says “braised cucumbers are a revelation” really stuck out to me and so I looked up the recipe.  I must have found 3 other blogs singing the praises of how AWESOME braised cucumbers are… OK, I’ll bite.
Speaking of which, I should go start making those now so they are done when the chicken is.  I can’t wait for my dinner!!!!!!!!


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