Braised Cucumbers are NOT a Revelation!!!

OK, they are, but not in a pleasant surprise kind of way the quote from ‘Julie & Julia’ lead me to believe. Let me be the first to say that I HATE BRAISED CUCUMBERS!  I know this is the opposite of every real foodie’s opinions out there, but it’s my opinion.  Julia Child should have included a disclaimer about this dish.  If you aren’t the biggest fan of raw cucumber to begin with and you like squash, then yes, I suppose you could love this dish.

Not me!  I like raw cucumbers and I have an aversion to squash, so this recipe totally failed me.   Nowhere did anyone warn that the way the cucumber “transforms” is that it turns into a squash!  If I knew that ahead of time I wouldn’t have bothered with the recipe.

I gave it six solid attempts, waiting for the deliciousness to wash over me, but nope… gross.  Even my baby girl who happily eats EVERYTHING ate the first one I gave her, but upon offering a second, she promptly picked it up and threw it off her tray and gave me a “fool me once Mom” look.

I actually looked at my 2 cucumbers all diced and cooked and thought what a shame – I could have happily eaten them raw with some ranch dressing.

From this mom on a mission, I give this recipe 1 out of 5 handprints.

Handprint rating 1

On the other hand, my roasted chicken was fabulous.  Please excuse the horrible photography – I have terrible lighting in my kitchen.   You can see my juicer in the background.  I love the chicken roaster my mom gifted me, and not just because it’s purple. 🙂
roasted chicken 04Jan14


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One Response to Braised Cucumbers are NOT a Revelation!!!

  1. Hum, braised cucumbers just sound weird to me. I mean, I’m all for raw cucumbers and I actually like squash, zucchini and the like, but I don’t know, braised cucumber just sounds wrong.

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