Stocked Kitchen, Juicing & Excitement!

There was no way we were going to make it until Saturday for a grocery shop and I’ve been itching to fill the kitchen with some healthier choices, so I decided that as soon as hubby got home tonight that I’d run out alone for a shopping trip and I’m so glad I did.
Today started off kind of slow and not all the right choices (great breakfast, not so great lunch) but I tried to compensate by drinking lots of water.  By the afternoon I was in a much better mood and excited to stock up the kitchen with good stuff.
I had a very well portioned dinner (best in a long time) – and healthy too – right before I left so I wouldn’t get a case of the munchies while shopping.
One thing I’ve REALLY wanted for a few days now is this mix I’ve made before:  black beans, corn and salsa.  I could eat it cold.  I could eat it warm.  I could eat it with diced chicken.  I could eat it plain.  I love this shit.  Something like this I couldn’t eat for the year I breastfed my baby (to spicy/gassy for baby), so I was really looking forward to having it again.  I made it when I got home and had it as my PM snack – YUM!

I’m also excited because as of tomorrow, I’m juicing again!!!!!!!! (Another thing I couldn’t do while breastfeeding – it made baby too gassy.)  I’m looking forward to that energy you feel after having a green drink for the first time (or the first time in a while).  I’m hoping this will replace me having coffee… I’ve been having that way too often again, which is not me.
It feels really good to be in control again… it’s been over a year since I had that.

It feels awesome to feel so excited again about things that are good for me.  I swear I haven’t felt this way since before I got pregnant.
The majority of my shopping time was spent in the fruit/veggie section.  That’s how it should be.
Here’s to another day!


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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