Goals vs a System… Here’s to 2014

Well I was going to include a link to this article I read recently (well, a blog I think actually – shared by one of my Facebook friends) but I cannot find it again!  It was written by a man that basically made the point that to avoid failing at goals & plans (read: resolutions) this year, instead you have to implement a “system” into your life – not to focus on the large goals (lose 100 lbs, write a novel, run a marathon, etc.), but stick to a daily system and that by doing that every day, you will reach the goal anyway.
Well it all made perfect sense (and lord knows I need NOT to think about the long journey I have ahead of me) except I really didn’t like the word “system”.  It feels too impersonal, cold and computer-like to me.
I decided on calling it an “agenda”.
An agenda is where you’d include a meeting at 10am or a doctor’s appointment at 2:30pm – you wouldn’t miss those things, right?  So if I include things like eating a healthy meal, exercise and drinking water on my agenda, I’m more likely to get them done as opposed to just making them a “goal” for the day.
So I created my agenda chart (only 6 weeks fit on it, but I’ll print another after that) and I can check off as I meet my schedule for the day.
But really, this is no different than if I printed out a list of daily goals… it’s just the mentality behind it… a new way to look at something I’ve been trying to get right for over a decade.

And since I’m making an agenda, it was hard not to consider if blogging should be on the list.  I mean it is the 1st of the year – I could easily make it a goal to post daily, but I’m too much of a realist to think I could pull that off.  I barely pulled it off when I had 8 hours of child-free time a day, so doing it now? Ha! Um, no.
Yet blogging here really does help my accountability sometimes and is a great way to share my sorrows, fears, worries, anger, joy, inspiration, etc. and make me get over things that might have taken longer to get over had I not shared it here.
So perhaps a less lofty goal… like once a week? A couple times a month?  Play it by ear?
I just don’t want to up and disappear as much as I did last year while deep in my sleep deprivation and mommy brain mode.
My situation is still very baby-focused, but things are much easier and more doable now that more independence has set in and a walking baby makes for a less sedentary mommy, which is awesome.

So here’s post #1 of who knows how many this year… certainly more than the 71 I managed last year!  HELLO 2014… I’m looking at YOU.  This year will be better.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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