I’m being tested

Motivated by the enormity of my own ass, yesterday was the first day of me sticking to healthy choices and even a little exercise as well.  It was just DAY 1.  That makes today only DAY 2.  And what happened last night?  My baby girl decided she was going to wake me up on the hour, every hour since 2am.  And since I don’t fall back asleep easily, I finally get all cozy and zone out only 15-20 minutes before she disturbs me again.
At 4am she was wide awake and playing in her crib, so I left her be to play and hopefully fall back asleep (we’ve done this before) and I think it worked, but promptly at 5am she was calling out again.  I let her cry out of my own sheer exhaustion and knowing she was probably going to end up playing in her crib again.  She calmed pretty fast.
But there she was again, notifying me at 6am that she was awake.

Ugh.  I think I got maybe 3 hours of consecutive sleep before all that started.
And what is the very major factor that played into my weight gain over the past year?  That’s right, SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

So this is why I say I’m being tested.
On a day like today, the allure of easy (and usually not-so-healthy) food choices is strong.
But dammit, it’s DAY 2.
Through exhaustion, I spent 20 minutes making my go-to healthy breakfast of egg whites and homemade oatmeal with tea when there was cereal & rice milk as a choice.
Screw you universe.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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One Response to I’m being tested

  1. Good for you. Way to kick that sleep deprivation in the ass and not let it get the better of you! Crossing my fingers for you to get a better night sleep this time ’round.

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