I Love my Shadow

I must have looked like a diehard these past few nights while out for my walks.  First it was midnight and there I was out walking with my baby (we’re night owls) and it was FREEZING and she was bundled up like a burrito and so was I, but I was out there getting in my steps.  And tonight, this time alone because it was spitting rain so I wore my hat to protect my glasses from water spots (my pet peeve to look through them).  Luckily it was much warmer but unfortunately the rain picked up so there I was after 10:30pm walking in the rain with no jacket on.  People who drove by me kind of did a double take like “why the hell are you out in this?”  Not exactly the equivalent to getting up to jog at 5am in Chicago in the dead of winter, but diehard-ish I guess.

Anyway, because I was walking by myself for a change tonight, I found it easier to take in the surroundings.  I particularly took notice of my shadow (via street lights, not sun obviously since it was past 10:30pm).
I love how in your shadow, your imperfections just don’t exist.  You can’t see the blemishes on your face, the grey hairs on your head, the little hole in your shirt pocket you should probably get to mending before it gets worse… it also hides your fat.
Due to the lovely stretch factor because of the angles of the street lights as I passed, I got to see the shadow of what looked like a healthy fit person.  No fat rolls or bumps where there shouldn’t be.  I looked long and lean and it was nice to see that.
So there’s my answer – I just need to be 20 feet tall and then I’d be nice and skinny! Ha.  That reminds me of this goodie that makes its way through Facebook once in a while:
BMI Chart - too short

But seriously, I found seeing that version of me encouraging and found myself standing a little taller and holding my shoulders back more as I walked.  I think I came home an ever so slightly taller person… certainly with a heightened mood.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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