Time & Truth

Doesn’t 2015 still seem a bit away?  Well it represents when I *could* attend a 20 year high school reunion.  Just when I thought I’d have “plenty” of time to lose some weight and get healthier (so that isn’t a reason why I won’t attend), I did the math.
I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to get down to my high school weight when I see everyone again?”  For me that’s 205 lbs.  That’s essentially 100 lbs from now (a little less, but we’ll round up for math purposes).  Assuming the reunion is in the spring, that would give me 16 months to lose 100 lbs.  It turns out that would NOT be a small feet.  That’s 6.25 lbs a month/ 1.56 lbs a week.  Unfortunately if I’m really honest with myself I know that even at my best I’m a 2-4 lb/month weight loss kind of girl.  So at my best (averaging the good and bad weeks) I’d be lucky to be 64 lbs down by then (assuming no more physical issues/pregnancies).  That’d be me at my college weight.  Not bad and certainly better, but not where I want to be.

A similar issue came up recently when I started planning a trip to see my mother.  I haven’t seen her in person since before I moved 1000 miles away in 2009.  She really oughta meet her new granddaughter and due to her agoraphobic tendencies (she’ll drive every day in town or go West 300 miles and back East, but she won’t drive South… hates interstates/city driving), she’s just NOT going to ever make it down to me (she’s made 3 plans and cancels last minute), so I have to  go to her (even though I’m the one with 2 kids to wrangle & a hubby with a job to work around while she’s free as a bird with no job or other hassles… anyway, I digress).
Even to see her (a family member I’m probably most comfortable being myself around) I would like to at least drop this extra weight I packed on since baby and get back to my pre-pregnancy self which is about 40 lbs lighter.  Well I’m planning the furthest into the future I’ve ever planned and the trip isn’t until early July 2014.  Plenty of time right?  Wrong.  A 40 lb loss means I’d need to lose 5 lbs per month – that’s over a pound a week.  Seems doable, but I know me.  I’ve tried to do the ‘52 lbs in 52 weeks’ and the best I managed was 40 lbs.  Ugh.
So although all these plans/activities seem so far in the future, they’re really not in the weight loss world.
Time is not on my side… and I’m only getting older and busier.

It is rather humbling and heartbreaking to think I won’t be close to my “goal weight” (goal, not dream goal which is another 20 lbs lighter than that) until late 2016… I’ll be almost 40 by then.
October 2016 would give me 35 months to lose 120 lbs – that’s about 3.4 lbs to lose a month which is my healthiest speed.  Ugh.  That’s over 2 years away!!!big clock

I hate that I’m a sucker for the “I want it and I want it now” societal way of thinking.
I’m not about to appear on The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weightloss, so short of me just having a fantastic multiple of months, I don’t see it coming off any faster especially given my extra challenges this time around.

It just kills me to “do the math”… but isn’t doing this recommended?  On the one hand it’s good to get my expectations more realistic, on the other hand, I have to admit it completely bums me out.
Focus on short term goals… I know.  I just also needed to know approximately when I could finally be where I want to be if I get going NOW.
I think I’ll focus on 5 lbs at a time… I have to for my sanity.


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