Catching up & Figuring out my Food Allergy

I find it funny that I can get a feeling of accomplishment by clearing out my email inbox from 120 unread and at least 5 pages, down to no unread and only 1 page (19 emails) and that I FINALLY caught up on all my blog subscriptions.
This was just not something that was an issue even 5 years ago for me and unfortunately although it makes me feel accomplished, I have NOTHING to show for it (unlike when I do something productive like cleaning the house).
To those I follow that follow me, sorry I got so behind and failed to like/comment and stay current with you.  I can’t expect people to read my blog if I seem like I fell off the face of the earth on theirs… well, that’s how I see it.  (People who follow my blog and “like” it just to try and get traffic to theirs who have NOTHING in common with me and clearly did not even BOTHER to read my blog can suck it… wordpress has gone south as far as that’s concerned… it was more honest 3 years ago when I started… so disappointing).

Anyway, my baby just overwhelmed me and I apparently let a LOT of things slip and catching up on all my blog subscriptions was one of the first things to go 11 months ago… each day the emails would pile up and I don’t follow THAT many blogs!  You talkers… er… writers.

So I’m going to attempt to keep up… not let a blog go unread for more than 1 week.
There are just so many “normal” things I’m trying to get back in the habit of doing… the healthy-for-me things (and having my inbox not get overwhelmed helps me not feel overwhelmed if that makes any sense).

Currently I’m in the process of determining what has been giving me intestinal issues for months now (it’s hard to DO the healthy things for yourself when you don’t FEEL healthy).  I’m currently on bottled water (thought the water at home was bothering me), are on day 2 of giving up eggs and if I still have symptoms today, I’m thinking the culprit is my metformin (though it never has given me long term side effects previously).  Notice these are all things that are healthy/help my health.  Grr.
I love eggs and it would suck to have to give them up for a bit.
Since it’s already almost mid-afternoon and so far I’m feeling fine, I think it’s the eggs. sad egg DARN IT!  They are a healthy, cheap and versatile protein!
I’m going to struggle with what to eat for breakfast now.  Yesterday it was a roast beef sandwich, today some mini wheats cereal.   I don’t think I can only do my homemade oatmeal… not appealing enough for me long term.

In other news, I’ve been feeling more like myself… able to get things done and capable of more even though my baby can be all-encompassing at times (literally hanging on my legs or in my arms as I attempt to go through life one-handed).  As she gets more independent, I get to be and I needed that desperately.

I just feel more full of hope these days… a little less behind the eight ball.

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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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4 Responses to Catching up & Figuring out my Food Allergy

  1. There are some weeks where I just can’t get through the blogs I follow. Life just gets away from us sometimes and there isn’t much you can do about it. I’m curious, what are the changes that WordPress has made over the part three years? I hope you figure out what is causing your tummy issues. Take care.

    • gwenacious says:

      It has been the people that have changed. It just seems that 3 years ago when I started, the likes and followers received were more genuine. If someone liked my post I’d check out what they were about and it made sense why they liked my post – we had things in common. Same was true for followers. I remember how excited I was to get a notification that someone liked or started following my blog… it was sort of a big deal for me and didn’t happen that often.
      Now it happens all the time and it’s not because my popularity is any higher. I can tell by looking up most of these people that they simply liked or started following my posts for the pure purpose of trying to get more likes/followers for themselves. We’d have NOTHING in common (or their description was how to promote your blog crap) and they’d like my blog before they’d even have time to read it (we’re talking 10 seconds between me publishing and them liking it and we all know how LONG WINDED my posts usually are).
      Nowadays a lot people just want followers and fame… it’s not actually about caring about who you “like” or follow.
      I liked how it was before when I had a tight knit group and knew they were actually reading and liked my post because, you know, they actually liked either my subject, mood, writing or all of it.

      • I understand what you mean. With the instant gratification that is Internet people in general seem to always want to have more of everything. More followers on Twitter and WordPress, more “friends” on Facebook, more Likes on WordPress…to name a few.

        And no one in their right mind could even pretend to be able to read one of your posts in 10 seconds lol.

        Hum, we have the power to moderate comments, wouldn’t it be nice to have the power to take away the “likes” and “follows” that are most definitely either spammers or “bloggers” who don’t know how to promote their blog any other way that liking and following like mad?

  2. gwenacious says:

    Yeah that would be nice… like an “approve follower” type deal

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