Halloween Confusion

I know this is a bit delayed… I blame my all-consuming baby, but I just had to comment on something we experienced a little more of for this year’s Halloween.
While out walking with your kiddo (or driving in some cases), isn’t it nice to be sure a particular house is worth the stop?
There are the houses that decorate a little, decorate A LOT (I only wish I had those in my neighborhood) and then there’s the ones that have absolutely nothing – that’s ok, some people don’t find a good old pagan holiday appealing and they don’t participate all all… fine.

But then there are the houses that have their lights on, but absolutely not one SPECK of decoration anywhere.

Dark house, no decorations and only the porch light on - would you ring this doorbell on Halloween?

Dark house, no decorations and only the porch light on – would you ring this doorbell on Halloween?

Do you know how confusing that is for a parent or a child to figure out if you are truly participating and handing out candy or not?
To be honest it looks like these people forgot to turn off their outside lights.  In most cases we couldn’t even see any inside lights on.
As a parent this makes me weary… do I take the risk and send my kid to the door and hope they are giving out candy and not about to say something rude and disappoint my child and ruin his Halloween experience?  It’s a tough call.


Seriously, if you are participating, at LEAST have 1 pumpkin/jack-o-lantern or 1 dollar store “Happy Halloween” sign on your door or SOMETHING.  I know money is tight and times are tough, but you could write Happy Halloween on a sheet of printer paper and it wouldn’t cost you a thing except a couple minutes.  But hey, you spent money on the freaking candy, why not at least ONE decoration?
Don’t make us guess!

There were at least 5 houses that fell under this lights on/zero decorations scenario on our Halloween night.  Sometimes we were lucky and got to see the group ahead of us leaving after successfully getting candy so we knew it was safe, but for others I didn’t risk it.  It is just an uncomfortable feeling.

Then I started thinking “if your outside light is on on Halloween night, serves you right to have people ringing your doorbell”.  But then you just know your poor kid is going to ring the bell of some nasty bitch or grumpy man who didn’t realize what night it was… yeah, I’m not risking it and possibly giving my child a bad Halloween memory.

If you’re not going to bother decorating even in the most minimal sense, why bother even participating with giving out candy?

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2 Responses to Halloween Confusion

  1. Hum, the way I see it, perhaps they did forget to turn off their lights. And perhaps they’ll be annoyed when the first group of trick-or-treaters come ringing for candy. However, if they’re smart, they will have most assuredly turned them off afterwards, right?

  2. gwenacious says:

    Well if you start early with the young kids, I’d hate to be *that* person they groan at and then shut their light off. If other parents are like me, you ignore the light on if you didn’t see someone go to that door previously so maybe no one ever does knock on their door and they forgot their light was on the whole time… making treat-or-treating kids have to guess… again, don’t make us make the tough call.
    I suppose maybe if you don’t start your trick-or-treating until after 7pm, then perhaps you could trust the light being on as a sure sign for candy in a populated neighborhood… still, is it too much to ask for just ONE decoration to go along with it?

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