Sharing More of Myself

It is strange… for having the scale not budge lately, I’m feeling and even sometimes looking thinner these days.  I can’t figure it out.  When I look in the mirror I swear I see differences in my body, but not so much in my face (that is the opposite of normal for my body) but recently when I was taking pictures of my face (to document an injury my sweet little 10 month old gave me), without evening trying my face looked thinner – like that of a version of me who is at least 40 lbs lighter than me now.  I say “without… trying” because I’ve spent years perfecting how to take a decent picture when it’s just my head & shoulders involved.  I know the tricks to automatically take at least 10 pounds off just by positioning my head a certain way.  This time I wasn’t even trying and my cheeks looked a little sunken and I even had a pronounced clean jawline.  Trust me, in real life (aka any mirror around) I truly don’t think that’s how I look at all (much pudgier, hidden jawline)… so how the hell do I manage it in these pictures without trying?  I dunno.  But hey, it was nice to see a thinner me at least for those specific pictures.  She’s in there somewhere.
But the scale has been VERY persistent these days… 302.6 and not budging.  I’ve been trying to see the 2’s for about 2 months now… ugh.

So I have an announcement of sorts.  Let me preface this by saying I don’t do the Twitter thing (and trust me, I feel old, fuddy-duddy and unhip for even admitting that).  I have an account, started stalking following certain celebrities and have only tweeted maybe 20 times.  Some days I’d just totally forget to check the site, then of course I have scrolls and scrolls to go through.  I even tried to manage it by no longer following a handful of celebs, but it was still too much.  That on top of the fact that there was more than one occasion I’d shutdown my laptop to give it a break, then reopened everything completely forgetting about the existence of Twitter for 2 whole months before I logged in again.
That just proves Twitter isn’t my thing… so I don’t tweet anymore or keep up with anyone posting there.

Facebook is a whole other story.  Not a day goes by I don’t log in and check all the new statuses when I have a computer and internet (I… um… do NOT have a smartphone… ick… feeling unhip again).  Facebook I can handle apparently and am a little addicted to.
So I did something.  There was a piece of my journey as Person in Progress missing and that was a place to put short random thoughts in a quick manner (like a tweet and not taking the time to blog) and seeming my baby still prevents me from blogging as much as I’d like, I wanted a place and way to do so.
Enter Facebook.
I created my own page.
I’m not really after a bunch of “likes” or anything, just offering those who are so inclined to see deeper into my life and probably know more about me than what you get from my once in a while blogs here.  You can come look and spy without liking, that’s fine with me.  I’m just putting it out there… mostly for myself.  I’ll have a record of my thoughts and feelings on my journey that are too personal (or TMI) to be posting on my actual Facebook page (I honestly don’t want my friends/family to know about this blog or my page!)
If you want to root me on or like my statuses or give me words of encouragement, than awesome, feel free… my page is open to all.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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