One Step at a Time

I just completed taking a walk for a third day in a row.  Seriously, this has not happened since before I knew I was pregnant (Spring 2012).  This is big people.
On other fronts I’ve been making myself a healthier breakfast rather consistently for almost 2 months now.
I enjoyed some immediate success from this (5 lb loss) but it didn’t stick.  I keep going up 2, down 2, up 2, etc.  I’m failing at water consumption and consistent good choices for lunch, snacks and keeping my portions smaller at dinner.
But I’m proud I’ve kept at my healthy breakfast and right now I’m focusing on water consumption.  Even if I eat like shit, I will drink my water darn it!
The exercise was needed (when isn’t it?) but wasn’t on my agenda yet to start getting back into (if I can’t even manage portion control or water, how the hell am I going to start back with exercise again?  I need serious baby steps…) but it just sort of happened….
The weather has finally been cooling off here in the South and it enthused me to take a family walk.  My hubby was willing, but it was actually my almost 8 year old I had to convince to come with us.  My baby girl is now 10 months old and she enjoyed the outing in her stroller.
Then the next night the weather was even better – must go.
And tonight?  Little man was already in bed and I knew my baby would be up an additional hour, so I had time to kill and the weather was what I would consider absolutely PERFECT for walking – not to warm, not too cool, can start in a t-shirt & shorts and not feel cold, yet there is a nice breeze to keep you cool as you start walking and breaking a sweat and just a slight humidity so you never feel really chilled.
So I had to walk.  Hubby stayed behind as our son was already asleep in bed, so baby & I went out alone… at 11pm.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.
I love that the streets are empty and no one is out.  Most lights are turned off and it’s so peaceful.
It was really nice.
And now here I am, taking a moment when my little one isn’t after my attention and is managing some self-play to feel proud of myself.  To feel a little hope that I can really start making some more progress… like for reals.  I need hope.  Hope is good.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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