Can I get a repeat???

Today was FAB-UL-OUS with my baby.  She slept for 8 hours of which I enjoyed (however disjointed by hubby a couple times) at least 6 hours.  I actually woke up before her in time to weigh-in (down a little bit!) and make a healthy breakfast.

What followed were hours of a great routine – she’d wake, eat, play and then
nap again.  I even got her to nap just about every time without much fussing, if any.
She even had good independent play time today (on the floor with her foot piano, in the exersaucer or in her chair with dangly toys) which can sometimes be hit or miss.  I was able to do laundry, answer emails, take and post pictures, I EXERCISED (!!!) and got dinner to the table on time and cleaned up the kitchen (including the pots and pans that have been sitting there for days because usually I only ever had time for the dishes).


It felt great to be productive and well, have energy to BE productive!  I even drank more water today than I have in weeks and certainly ate better as well.
I even managed a healthy snack for my son afterschool (who by the way is
so close to having achieved all green smiley faces – the best he can do in his
first grade class – for the ENTIRE MONTH!)
Can you tell I’m actually in a good mood and perhaps even my writing is energetic?!  I hope I can get to sleep tonight!

I don’t even mind that I had to just interrupt this post because she fussed at
little in her crib.  It seems she just wanted a paci and hopefully she is down for the night.

And even her naps were amusing today.  For some reason she went to sleep on the 8’s today… 1:38am (her bedtime last night), 11:48am, 3:18pm, 5:48pm, 8:18pm and just to round off the entire day… to bed at 12:28am (I’ll forgive her short wake up right now… her eyes weren’t even open).  And she started it all off with 8 hours of sleep!

I was also watching episodes of ‘Jon & Kate plus Ei8ht’ on Netflix instant today… more 8’s!  It’d be fitting if it were the 28th today!  Maybe I should play the lottery and include all numbers ending in 8!

Today was just absolutely fabulous… if I could get a repeat at least 4 times a week, I could actually get somewhere in so many facets of my life!  Please baby, please!!!  (Could I say fabulous anymore in this post?!?!  Nope!)


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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One Response to Can I get a repeat???

  1. That is wonderful! It’s amazing what ONE great day with a baby can do to a mother’s energy level! Sending some positive waves your way so that you can get a repeat performance!

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