Life with an Infant – the first 12 weeks Edition*

*From the point of view of a mother of a 7 year old son experiencing life as a new mom (again) to an infant daughter

Weeks 1-2:
Oh yes, I vaguely remember what this was like… feed, sleep, change, repeat.

Automatically talk of poop and pee starts… and doesn’t stop even until years after your kids are potty trained

Recovery from C-section… ugh, worse than I remember

Living on what I call “newborn adrenalin” – you have every reason to be the most exhausted you’ve ever been in your life, yet somehow 1 hour of sleep lasts you for at least 6 hours and you can perk up and be awake at the first cry and not feel too tired to deal… energy and patience seems to just come out of your ass

Breast milk jaundice?  What the hell is that?  Yet another prick on the poor heel of my baby to test bilirubin

Utter joy just looking at my little miracle… to the point of happy tears mixed with worry if she will thrive

Disbelief I had a girl.  Yes, I learned this at my 20th week of pregnancy with 99% accuracy & had decorated the nursery in purple & pink, but we all had disbelief it really happened (my mom, my sister and even me always thought I’d have 2 boys)

Pictures, pictures, pictures… you’ll never take so many picture of a sleeping person ever in your life

Excitement over umbilical cord falling off – bath time!

Not wanting to “share” the baby… she’s MINE… all mine.

Week 2:
My. Poor. Nipples.  Cracking, scabs… the moment my little one bites down to latch I uncontrollably scream obscenities or squeeze the couch cushion to help with the pain…
Looking down to see bloody breast milk dribbling from my baby’s mouth to discover she’d sucked off a scab.  That was new.  Oddly, my nipple felt instant relief after that.

Starting to actually feel tiredness.

I’ve never been so hungry in my life!

Enjoying some serious weight loss

You may take the baby now

We are really a family of four now… wow

Week 3:
Nipples are better – getting the hang of this breastfeeding thing again… finally feels “natural” and possibly enjoyable… oh, and the bonding… the staring at your precious little one sucking away in happiness followed by the sleepy face of “milk coma”

OK… really getting to be tired now… the ‘newborn honeymoon of energy from nowhere’ phase is O.V.E.R.

I still can’t believe I got my girl… still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about her… that she’s here… that I can’t picture life without her already… that any mother/daughter or father/daughter sentimental reference on TV or a movie makes me cry (um, can you say hormones still out of whack?!)

Week 4:
Beyond tired… waiting for some sort of “schedule” to manifest

Finally jaundice is gone & finally back to birth weight – yay!

Ah, duh… perhaps all the fussiness is an allergy… enter mommy diet restrictions

Still can’t believe we actually have a little girl

Week 5:
I feel like the walking dead… so freaking tired I’d pay for sleep.
When will my child EVER stop fussing?
Calling it the “witching hour” is as misleading as “morning sickness” as it can happen all day.  More like “hours”… 11pm to anywhere from 2am to 4am = HELL

Girl babies are harder… but all the cute outfits make it more fun

Breastfeeding bonding over… as soon as I can get the pillows propped correctly and get one or both hands free I am multitasking – checking email, Facebook statuses, blogs, BabyCenter posts or typing one-handed statuses on my laptop, eating, drinking, fast forwarding a show from the DVR… I can no longer just breastfeed.

Weight loss is over

Week 6:
OMG tired and now I have to deal with a growth spurt too?!?!?!  37 hours with no more than 3 consecutive hours of baby sleep at a time = MOMMY TORTURE

Looked up the definition of the dreaded “C” word… Colic.  Nope, my baby doesn’t fit the definition as she can be comforted… thank goodness

Discovered the “Baby got colic” YouTube video… totally creepy as hell!  Didn’t work for my baby other than to quiet her cries, but didn’t put her to sleep

Week 7:
Yes, please take my infant and babysit for 7 hours, thank you (bless my sister)… and then proceed to spend my “time off” doing things like napping, cleaning the house and showering

First social smiles!  Few and far between for now, but boy do they do wonders to wake you out of a sleepy funk… even if only for a short lived moment of delight

Week 8:
Was teased last week with a less nocturnal schedule… back to being up until 3 am… whee…

Ugh… another growth spurt, but thank goodness she gives me a break at night… no more 37 hours straight

Finally I can change a diaper without being taken off guard at the lack of “equipment” I was used to after only having a son for the last 7 years and him being the only baby I’d ever diapered until now

Just counted on my notebook I’ve been logging feedings to discover I’ve nursed my baby 536 times… excluding pumping… shared on Facebook and got the comment “My nipples hurt just reading that!”

Week 9:
Call the mortician – we have a walking mommy corpse

Mommy really misses milk, cheese, ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, onions and chocolate… how long did I really want to breastfeed for?

Just when I thought she could only sleep in her swing – finally she’s sleeping in her crib!  HOORAY!  It’s an unbelievable feeling of relief to get proof your baby can sleep without needing to be rocked constantly

Finally stop sharing Facebook statuses about my lack of sleep, overtiredness or nursing

Stopped having disbelief I had a girl… she’s definitely here and not going anywhere

Week 10:
Finally I think we’ve gotten a sleep schedule and usually to bed before 12:30am but no way in hell am I sharing that – knock on wood – I do nothing but jinx myself CONSTANTLY!

Unfortunately started the trend of whenever my baby sleeps for a long time (over 6 hours in a row) I seem to have the WORST night of sleep and don’t get to enjoy it

Put away most “0-3 month” clothing… just not cutting it anymore

Week 11:
Excited to get just 5.5 hours of consecutive sleep… a new personal record not matched since before my 7 month of pregnancy

Babies are lucky they are so darn cute when they smile… it saves them… really

Discovering that having a cold while dealing with an infant only makes sleeping issues even more complicated – having to cough or sneeze at the same time the baby *just* fell asleep only to have you wake them with a shudder… sorry baby… poor me

Week 12:
Finally used up the last of the size 1 diapers… on to size 2 and crap, it still didn’t hold all that poop – up the back and out the front?  How can that much come out of such a small person???

Another night of a long sleep for baby and I slept like shit… dammit

Mommy has to cut out eggs now as well… what the hell can I eat anymore?

Here we go again… another growth spurt… eating every hour and not napping

My nipples are pros – they can take anything at this point

I can’t believe I willingly signed on to do this all again… starting all over after 7 years

Her smiles are so darn cute!  I can’t wait for giggles!

This concludes the first 12 weeks of my life with my infant… stay tuned.

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    I love this even though it makes me just about correct on what I told my DH it will be like after the new baby comes. It is kind of scary, I haven’t had a newborn in 7 years either! Oh my!

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