Baby Hurdles

So I missed weigh-in this week – not to say I didn’t weigh-in, I just missed blogging about it on time.  A very cute 8 week old baby girl takes up the majority of my time these days.  She is both my main excuse for not getting various things done to continue my progress and also one of the main reasons I’m trying to improve myself.
I met my ’52 lbs lost in 52 weeks’ challenge goal for this week.  I was actually down 2 lbs instead of the needed .4 to reach this week’s goal.  So I’m a little ahead of the schedule, but I’ve been there before and that weight can sneak back up a pound or two, so I’m not “safe” and therefore need to stay on top of my actions.

I’m totally falling behind on my self-inflicted miles challenge for the month.  I had set a small goal of walking 10 miles.  It seems so small compared to a year ago when I could bang out 40 miles no problem.  Well apparently caring for an infant with absolutely no set schedule and needing to catch sleep whenever you can have proven to be more of a challenge and hindrance than originally thought.

I’ve only managed to walk 4.83 miles so far… not even half of my goal and I only have 9 days left (including today… it’s just after 1am and I’m waiting for the previously mentioned infant to finally go down for the night).
It sure didn’t help that on my first major walk I majorly got some blisters between my toes that were pretty painful.  Follow that up with major food poisoning that literally took me a week to recover from and feel “normal” again.

kolby smile

This is my adorable “hurdle” and my biggest inspiration 🙂

Boy, I’m just full of excuses huh?  Well, that’s life.  At least so far I’m staying on track for my yearlong challenge.  I need to continue to take baby steps which means jumping some baby hurdles along the way.


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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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