Weigh-in day & my (lack of) Balancing Act

So far so good on my ’52 lbs to lose in 52 weeks’ challenge for this year.  I’m down exactly the 1 pound I needed to be.  The week didn’t start off so good food & exercise-wise.  Dealing with an infant that doesn’t want to sleep at night is getting the better of me, but honestly that’s just an excuse.  There are moments I could be eating something better or doing something besides eating in the breaks she gives me during the day (it’s hard not to just want to sit and chill and give my back a break and sometimes I really feel like I *need* to eat only because I don’t know when the next opportunity will come up, but there’s nothing stopping me from making a healthier food choice when I have time to prepare it).
Exercise is another matter.  I really have to prioritize what baby-free time I get during the day
mom cartoon busy(i.e. when she’s not in my arms, being fed or asleep on me).  I really have to use this time to take care of myself (napping, bathroom, eating, pumping) and my home (dishes, laundry, vacuuming) and sometimes I barely get enough time to finish just one task.

Case in point – just as far as I’ve gotten writing this post I’ve gotten up 6 times to replace her binky in her mouth (she’s in her swing and I’m hoping the rocking and music will lull her to sleep… eventually).
Nothing comes easy these days, so unfortunately exercise is the first thing dropped on the list.  I knew this would be a hurdle I’d be facing and all the more reason I should be more on point with my food.

Here’s another issue.  I am currently breastfeeding and plan to for at least the next 5 months or so.  When I first got home from the hospital I started eating healthy again willingly (unlike during my pregnancy when all I wanted was the crap), but because of the new excess calorie burn from producing milk, I found myself starving a LOT.  One minute I’m fine and the next I’m ravenous.  I’d usually find myself about to or in the middle of breast feeding, so I needed easy to eat one-handed foods.
Because of the lack of spare time and free hands, eating all the time was getting cumbersome and I’d find myself hungry so often it was getting ridiculous.  So what’s the quickest way to stop this?  Bulk up the calories when I do eat.  What’s the easiest way to do that?  Eating calorie dense foods.  Which foods are those?  Oh yes, right… the unhealthy ones. (Have you tried eating a banana one-handed?  I have!  Ritz crackers are easier!)

I took full advantage of the season and helped myself to Christmas cookies and chocolates.  Once I started doing that I could finally go a few hours without eating and avoid those sudden and inconvenient bouts of hunger.
This was great except apparently I over did it and that’s why I started to gain weight before the New Year.  But every time I switch back to the healthier stuff, I’m once again hungry too often.

So my problem here is balance.  I haven’t found it yet.
I’m hoping juicing will help me out seeming the drinks I make are filling and take a bit of time to drink fully (and drinking something while breastfeeding is much easier than eating).

I’m still having issues at night though.  I don’t want to drink juiced items at night because they do seem to energize me and that won’t work (you know, just in case my baby girl manages to get to sleep sooner one of these days, I want to be able to sleep too!) and I find myself eating higher calorie foods or bigger portions in the evening just so I can brush my teeth just before hubby goes to bed (anywhere between 10:30pm to midnight) and not have to eat/get hungry again before the time I get to finally go to sleep (anywhere between 2:30 am – 4:30 am).
It’s just easier not to have to eat and because I’ve already brushed my teeth, I can just go to bed immediately once the opportunity comes, plus baby girl is usually in my arms the entire time during these “witching hours” and that makes it hard to prepare food/eat it.

Note:  the swing situation I mentioned earlier failed… I took over an hour and a half break from this blog to sit and rock with her to deal with her fussiness, get some gas out, a couple spit-ups, feed her again and rock her to sleep… now I’ve just put her down in her crib and I’m staying up my customary half hour to see if it’s “for real” before I go to bed and disturb hubby.

Crap, it wasn’t for real… I’ve now been up to her room 3 times to give her a binky, rub her back, turn the music back on and sooth her to sleep again.  It’s 2:40 am now and I’d put her down at 1:45 am.  I literally started this blog yesterday.
My half hour of waiting it out just became an hour and a half… hopefully not much longer than that!
I just decided as an experiment that one of these upcoming blogs I’m just going to write “Interrupted” every time I have to walk away from my blog to tend to my baby… just to get my point across of how distracted I really am (now picture me attempting to make a healthy meal… suddenly grabbing a quick bowl of cereal instead of sautéing some veggies with chicken and shirataki noodles makes sense because I don’t have the time!)


Where was I?

Oh yes, balance… I don’t have any… yet.
But I did manage the 1 pound loss I was aiming for… just barely.
I did manage one walk this week (the night of the day I had my very first green drink and felt very energized by it).  I only managed 1.45 miles and it felt great (except the blisters I formed between some of my toes… why does that keep happening?  I never had that problem until 2 years ago!)
But 24 hours later I am feeling it!  You have to understand I hadn’t gone out walking alone like that for 10 months!  I didn’t think I pushed myself too hard and felt fine while doing it, but holy moly I’m feeling my upper thigh muscles (due to a rather steep hill to climb to get to the neighborhood where it’s flatter and I can do laps) and my knees (from coming back down the hill on my return).
I can’t believe how sore I am.  It really shows how much muscle tone I must have lost over the 10 month pregnancy/healing break I took.  I have some serious progress to make.  I now have 22 days left in the month to walk the rest of my 10 mile walking challenge goal.  Given the lack of opportunity these days (and also dealing with my new lovely blisters) this will truly be a challenge, but I’m up for it… just barely.

OK… it’s just after 3 am… can I sleep now?
falling asleep at computer


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2 Responses to Weigh-in day & my (lack of) Balancing Act

  1. jugglingspades says:

    Being a new mom (kind of – my twins are now 10mths old) I can sympathize with the sleepless nights. Balance will come! Good luck with your challenges 🙂

  2. tlf says:

    I remember those days!

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