My Juicing Experiments: Day 3

This morning was the first morning I replaced my usual breakfast (which is egg whites and either oatmeal, wheat toast or Ezekiel bread and maybe fresh fruit) with a freshly juiced “green drink”.
I totally forgot to mention (after my not-so-happy review of my very first juicing experience) that yesterday I discovered a way to make the green drink palatable:  kiwi!kiwis

Just two kiwis and suddenly I don’t taste even the carrot, let alone any of the actual other green stuff.  Plus kiwi is green, so my mind is more ok with ingesting a big glass of something of that color – like I can pretend it’s just kiwi juice.  I also like the slightly thicker consistency it created.

But apparently this breaks a “rule” in the juicing world:  don’t mix fruits with veggies (with the exception of apples)
Such a combo can apparently cause gas and possibly nausea.  Whoops.

Well I blew this rule SKY HIGH for what I did for juicing experiments Day 2:
First I juiced the following:
2 kiwis
1 carrot
1 apple
2 handfuls spinach
1 ½ big leaves of kale

Alone, this tasted pretty good, but then I poured it into the blender and blended it with:
1 kiwi
6 strawberries
1 banana
40 blue berries
10 raspberries

It was thick, sweet and totally awesome!  I decided I don’t think I’ll ever juice strawberries/blueberries/bananas or raspberries because they are so soft and blendable and I’d rather keep all the beneficial fiber they provide, so smoothies are it for those, but I thought it would be great to create my own juice to blend them with so I know exactly the contents of everything I’m drinking (as opposed to using a pre-made juice).

So I happily drank that up and *then* I read online about not mixing fruits and veggies… doh!
It’s been over 24 hours since I drank that and yeah, I did experience some extra gas, but it was not painful or that bad at all – totally worth making my green drinks more palatable for sure!  This is an acceptable trade for me!

I decided to lay off mixing so many fruits with my veggies for this morning’s green drink.
I juiced the following for Day 3:
2 kiwis
3 carrots
2 apples
1 inch piece ginger
2 handfuls spinach
1 ½ big leaves of kale
2 sprigs parsley
½ English cucumber

I add ice and a straw and enjoy.  This was very good.  Just a warning about ginger though – USE SPARINGLY!  A little goes a long way… I don’t think I’ll use such a “large” piece ever again… maybe three quarters or half that for future drinks.
This was totally filling and although I didn’t mean to go so long, it lasted me 7 hours before I had the chance to eat again (of course there were a couple cat naps during that time while the baby napped).

So given my success in making better blends, I’m happy to say that I have no buyer’s remorse for my juicer.  It will not be gathering dust in my garage any time soon.


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