My First Juicing Experience

I finally bought my first juicer.  I got the Omega J8006 Masticating Juicer.
juicer - omega J8006I thought I would like this one better than the more popular centrifugal design because that one creates more frothy/foamy juice and this one goes slower and chews and creates a thinner juice.  However as I drink, I’m expecting a thicker drink – like I want and expect it to be the consistency of a shake and I’m missing that for some reason.  Whoops.  I guess I made a bad personal call there.
There has been a foaminess I was straining out so maybe I’ll just include it next time.

So far I’ve made a sweet drink and a more savory green drink.  The first thing I tried was supposed to be “the best lemonade you’ve ever had” made from apples and a lemon.  I used 3 apples and ½ a lemon.
It was ok, but I’m not really a fan… it was not instant love, not even close.

I also seem to be getting a sort of instant headache when I drink this… maybe too much natural sugar?  (I’m basically pre-diabetic and rarely drink/eat real sugar including fructose)  It’s so real I’m not used to it?  I dunno… it’s weird.  A few minutes after I stop drinking, this ache goes away.

So maybe I thought a more savory green drink would work out better for me.  I used carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach & parsley.  I sampled it.  Hmmm… again, not what I’d pictured.  I wanted for a “thicker” drink and it’s throwing me off.  I do like that mainly I taste carrots & cucumber with no hint of spinach (the point of all of this for me), but I was hoping for a taste/consistency I’d like better.

I just realized why I expect it to be thicker!!  I’ve been drinking V8 juice my entire life – *that’s* the consistency I expected!  Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to adapt.

Because this drink quite wasn’t what I expected, I ended up adding in an apple to see if it would be better if I upped the sweetness.  Um, nope… not much better.  As I drink I think it actually needs salt!!!  Again, this could be because my taste buds are used to what traditional V8 juice tastes like.

So far I’m not a huge fan.  This totally surprises me.  I’m not a picky eater and unlike my husband, just because something is “healthy” I don’t expect it to be awful or hate it.
I really want this to work.  I know I don’t get enough greens in my diet and this was going to be my answer to that.
True, I’d rather sit here and drink what mainly tastes like carrots & cucumbers rather than eat spinach by itself, but I was hoping I’d enjoy this a bit more.

Maybe the flavors will grow on me… maybe I need to stick to the savory drink (add in more celery for salt content and some tomatoes for the taste I’m used to).  I’m not getting as much of that weird instant headache from the more savory green drink, so that’s good.

As far as the juicer goes, I agree with most of the reviews I read:  leftover pulp is pretty dry, machine is quiet (quieter than a sink garbage disposal), easy to assemble and disassemble for cleanup (I just immediately rinsed under warm water).  I just need a drying rack as the top rack of my dishwasher isn’t always available for this purpose and since this is a daily/twice daily thing, I’ll need a designated rack.

It is a much slower process than the quicker big mouthed centrifugal juicers that can fit an entire apple at once.  The opening is smaller and basically everything must be cut up.  I timed myself and from the first cut into the carrots all the way to cleanup and it took me at least 15 minutes for one large glass of green juice (umm… looked more like brownish-green muddy water actually! So appealing!  I do not drink it from a clear glass, that’s for sure.)  I thought about pre-cutting some of the veggies so the process could be quicker, but I’m afraid that’ll dry them out.
As long as I make this my “meal” (like for breakfast or a snack), then it won’t take any longer than if I was making myself eggs, toast & fresh fruit.

I really hope that with more experience and experimentation I can learn to love this juicer and not have it become one of the many other kitchen gadgets that find their way into my garage and gather dust.

*** If there are any juicer fanatics out there with fantastic yummy green drink recipes that they’ve mastered and are willing to share, PLEASE DO!  When I Google for recipes it always ends up to a site trying to sell me a recipe book or a recipe I’ve seen already.  I want to hear from someone who LOVES their green drink and what magical combo they’ve discovered.  Thanks! ***


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2 Responses to My First Juicing Experience

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  2. Nicci says:

    Here is my favorite “Green Juice”
    1 cucumber
    1handful of spinach
    1 handful of kale
    1/2 lemon
    1 sliver of ginger
    1 apple (de-cored)
    2 celery stalks

    Taste much better on ice!

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