Realizations of my After-Baby Body

I was hoping that having another baby would help my weight loss (crazy I know, but when you start out bigger, the likelihood of this is in your favor) and it did actually, however it has done a number on my body’s shape and appearance.
As part of my goals today for my ‘52 lbs in 52 weeks’ challenge, taking a new before/in progress picture was top of the list.  It is always a good idea to document yourself not just in weight or measurements, but pictures as well.  I’ve know too many people that have lost weight and regretted not having enough or any decent “before” pictures for a better comparison.  I will NOT have this issue!
before, 20 lb loss, 40 lb loss after baby

Something wrong with this picture?  The 45 lb loss picture is post-baby.  This is what sometimes happens to a body after a baby.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I am down 45 lbs total now and all of my measurements including hips, thighs, neck, arms and even belly are *smaller* than pre-pregnancy except of course for my waist.
It doesn’t help that I’ve had to relocate where I take the pictures and obviously I’m not as zoomed-out as the first three pictures which is not helping how I look here at all!

My belly definitely stretched and my skin is very loose now.  It’s pathetic that my belly basically looks like it did back in my 20 lb loss picture, but the difference is that that belly was “full” of fat – I couldn’t squish it very easily at all.  With my current belly it just squishes flat and with the right undergarment, I could almost appear to have a flat stomach.
This new shape may just be something I have to put up with and dress accordingly for in my future, regardless of how much more weight I lose.  At least I can continue to shrink all over… things have to get better.


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