Finally! 50 pounds lost!

Well, almost. “Officially” (aka my first thing in the morning weigh-in) I was off by only .6 of a pound, but after eating breakfast, taking a nap and re-weighing myself after, I was at a 50.4 pound loss (and what are the chances of weighing less after eating?  So I’m going with it).

Now the last thing I expected was that I’d hit this milestone weight loss while pregnant.  Just to clarify, I am in NO WAY attempting to purposely lose weight while pregnant and trust me, I haven’t.  It’s been almost a month since I’ve known for sure I was pregnant (and I’ve had my first appointment, seen the ultrasound, got an updated due date, so now it’s really official!) and for about 3 weeks of that I upped my calories 500 – 1000 per day because I was not eating enough at the start.
I was actually eating so little that I started losing muscle and started gaining weight because my body was holding on to every little calorie, but as soon as I jumped up my calories, the weight came off (we’re talking 2-3 lbs).
My weight has been fluctuating up 2 lbs, down 2 lbs for most of the month.  I thought the “honeymoon” period of eating more and losing weight was over, but apparently not.

Morning sickness (um, all day sickness thank you very much) is kicking my ass this time.  My first pregnancy was NOT like this.
I seem to have an aversion to ALL food.  I never want to eat.  I never feel hungry.  I can’t eat more than the equivalent of 2 cups of food without feeling extremely full.  Instead of feeling hunger, I start feeling sick… and what’s the LAST thing you want to do when you feel sick?  Eat!  But that’s when I have to *force* myself and within 2 bites of whatever, I’ll feel better, but the queasiness can come back within a half hour of eating.
I’ve never had this sort of relationship with food… it’s new to me and completely bizarre.  I still log all my calories, not to make sure I’m not eating too much, but so I can figure out if I’ve eaten *enough*.
There have been countless days when I get to 6:30pm and I log the dinner I haven’t even eaten yet and figure out that my calories are about 500 or more short of where I should be.  Time to fill that in with cheese, yogurt or of course, ice cream (there was a day I was 1000 calories short… a perfect way to get that in without bulk?  A whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s – what a hardship, right?)
But don’t hate me… I don’t enjoy the food much anymore… even the naughty/supposed to be good tasting stuff.  Things just don’t taste the same/as enjoyable.

On top of the food/eating issue, I’ve been so tired… just no energy, no oomph, no ambition.  Almost nothing has been getting done in my house and I can’t stand to even be in my kitchen, so the dishes add up quickly.  I feel badly for my hubby because I can’t bring myself to cook a real dinner.  He’s been really understanding and good with picking up takeout, fending for himself or like last night, making the entire meal for us.
So recently my days have consisted of getting up early to get my son off to school, then I have breakfast, choke down my horse prenatal pill and by 9am, I’m fading.  So then I nap for 2 -3 hours.  I get up, have lunch and proceed to spend the afternoon on the couch.  Even after my son comes home, I’m on the couch.  Amazingly, sometimes I’m still falling asleep on the couch at around 5:30pm.
Normally, if I napped that much, I’d never get to sleep at night.  Nope, not the case.
I’m ready for bed by 9:30 – 10pm and go to sleep rather quickly.
Conclusion?  Apparently I need the sleep!  According to the week by week baby progression information I found online, my baby has quadrupled in size in the last few weeks and I guess it’s taking all the energy I have.
I’m also fighting a mild cold right now that I think isn’t helping.

So with my increased calories including some indulgences and sitting on my ass all day with the exception of my 2.5 mile hike once a week with my sister, you’d think my weight would stay the same or be more right?  Nope, I went down by 3.4 lbs just this past week.  Totally unexpected, but this is how I got to my 50 lb weight loss.
Do I think I’ll just keep dropping weight?  Nope.  I honestly did not expect to hit this milestone until after delivery.  I think things will even out after I get out of my first trimester and maybe, MAYBE start feeling more normal.  At this point I’d love to feel an actual craving… or you know, actually enjoy food again.


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