An Announcement

For those of you who have been following me, you know that I was in the middle of a weight loss “experiment” of sorts.   Well although I have continued on with the frequent eating method (I’m on Day 23 and I have to say it really has formed into a habit now) I will not be reporting weight losses anymore, mainly because they stopped… but not for lack of efficacy, but instead because…

wait for it…

I’m pregnant!
It turns out I was pregnant for the entire experiment and didn’t know it (ok, I had my suspicions).  Well now I have the proof and although my food and exercise have been on point, it’s like my body hit the pause button on my weight loss.  This happened for my first pregnancy as well.
But over the past few days I’ve noticed that I feel lighter but more flabby than usual, yet my weight has stayed the same (or just this morning went up .8 of a lb) and it occurred to me that maybe I’m not actually eating enough calories and my body has started eating itself… in the bad way (muscle instead of fat) and holding on to everything I eat.
I found a pregnancy calorie intake calculator and put in my height and pregnancy start weight and I’ve been eating in general about 1000 calories less than the recommended amount!  Holy crap.  I didn’t realize the variance was *that* large.
So today I’ve begun adding in more healthy calories.  I guess we’ll see how that goes.

I’m very pleased that I am pregnant.  We’ve been trying since last October and every month I’d hope for the best and cross my fingers, but continued on in my weight loss journey anyway to keep improving my health.  But now that I know I’m pregnant, I can’t have such low calorie days as I’ve managed over the last few weeks (even though they were effortless!)

For my last pregnancy I managed to maintain my weight the entire time which resulted in a 15 lb loss between my conception weight and 3 days after delivery.   So although I’m a little smaller than I was the last time [right now I’m 15 lbs lighter (and darn it, I was really trying for a full 20 lb difference… ah well)], I was hoping for the same results… maintenance… especially since I get regular exercise now (and can continue until it is too uncomfortable) and eat much healthier foods.  During my first pregnancy I got zero (and I mean ZERO) exercise and because we were remodeling our kitchen, I ate a lot of microwave food or takeout and yet managed to still lose weight.  I figure my odds are even better this time around… at least if my body doesn’t think I’m starving!

So although I never intended this blog to be a pregnancy blog, it is one of the main reasons I started my weight loss journey in the first place and will be part of my progress…  just on pause for the next 8 months (most likely) as far as the weight loss portion goes.
Progress with finances and other aspects still continue on and I’m also curious to see what upping my calories does to the scale.  I think I’ll probably be the first pregnant woman in history to still weigh herself in daily.


UPDATE (31Mar2012):  Based on my average calories since finding out I was pregnant, I ate 500 more calories yesterday and this morning I was down 1.8 lbs!  That takes me back to the weight I was before I found out – exactly 1 week ago today.  I guess I really wasn’t eating enough!  Doh.


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4 Responses to An Announcement


    And no my wife weighed herself every day on our second child… until i threatened to hide the scale!! 😉

  2. gwenacious says:

    Thanks! Well I’m glad I’m not the only one! I like to stay aware! I’d kill my hubby if he hid my scale!!! 😛

  3. Congratulations, lady! What a blessing!

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