My Weight Loss Experiment Results

The first complete week of my “experiment” concluded with this morning’s weigh in.  I’m happy to report that my efforts and hypothesis proved fruitful with a total loss of 6.8 lbs!
Not too shabby seeming I make a point to not live a life of deprivation and during those 7 days I ate very non-typical “diet” (as in the four letter word) foods such as ice cream, cheese cake, flour tortillas, cheese, bread and pasta.  It’s all about portion control, moderation and healthy switch-outs/replacements.
Just as I assumed, eating even more frequently than the commonly recommended “every 2.5 – 3 hours”/ 5-6 meals per day did help rev up my metabolism even more and therefore my weight loss.  I tried to eat every 1-1.5 hrs, 2 hrs at the max but went as much as 3.5 hours a couple times – I’m not gonna lie, it was hard sometimes to make sure I watched the clock and remembered to eat (but hey, it turned out to be worth the effort, right?)
With this loss, I’m now up to a total of 44.2 lbs lost.

Since I usually had been doing the whole 5-6 meals per day prior to the experiment, I can tell from experience that this was far more effective.  I averaged eating 8.5 meals per day (lowest was 7, highest was 11 meals!)  My lowest recorded calories for a day were 1517 and highest at 1889.  I got some exercise daily, but nothing extreme – just walking and playing outside with my son (kicking/running after a ball, Frisbee, trampoline bouncing).
I drank plenty of water (a minimum of 84 oz) along with multiple cups of black tea daily.  On occasion I also drank 4C Iced Tea mix with Splenda and had one can of Diet Rite.

A lovely side effect of eating smaller, more frequent meals is that my stomach shrunk a bit.  I wasn’t too aware of how much it might have shrunk as I was intentionally avoiding overeating and because I ate so frequently, I barely had moments of feeling hunger (just one day and mornings mainly).
I truly got to find out when I attempted a meal of similar size as to how I was eating prior to my experiment last night.
My hubby happen to switch his shift yesterday back to day shift (as a favor to another employee who wanted the night shift) and because of that, I got to experience having a true family dinner during my experiment [when he’s not home for dinner, my son & I eat whatever (as in not typical “dinner” types of food), whenever so I didn’t have to worry about timing with my frequent eating].  I learned an important lesson about just how much smaller I must have gotten my stomach.
I could feel myself getting full as I took my bites, but was not uncomfortable… but I’m telling you, I could have totally done without those last 5-6 bites.  It wasn’t until after I was done that I got that uncomfortably full… you know what I’m talking about (think Thanksgiving meal)… that ache, that bloat.  Whoa… too much!  And it was a very modest, portioned meal.  Instead of 3 oz of chicken, maybe I should have had 1 or 2.  Instead of a small potato, maybe half that.  The onions & peppers I wouldn’t change and there was melted cheese on top, but just 1/8 of a cup.  I think another factor that did me in was having soda with dinner.  I wasn’t used to that either.  I rarely drink soda (i.e. Diet Rite)… maybe 2 times per month on average.  The slightly large meal & soda combo was a 1 – 2 punch my stomach did NOT like!!!
I was like “Ohhh… Can. Not. Eat. Like. That. Any. More!”
And why should I if I can eat again in less than 2 hours?  There is really no need.  It’s like I got my stomach stapled, but without the pesky surgery or hospital bills!

So although my “experiment” first week is over, I’m certainly not done.  I may be done with logging every time, duration, food, quantity, etc. for documentation purposes, but I will continue on with this theory while on my journey and try to make it my new normal as much as possible.

I already have an internal alarm clock that still goes off about 3-4 hours after I last ate to remind me to eat again, but of course I wasn’t able to alter that in just 7 days, but maybe after a while of keeping this up, it will change and then I wouldn’t be so dependent on the clock.  This is my hope.

Half my day is done and I’m staying the course… 5 meals in, over 48 oz of water drunk (plus 3 mugs of black tea!) and I’m about to take a walk.  Damn I feel good today.  I even took new photos of myself (speaks volumes to how I feel). 🙂

Today feels like a new beginning... me 15Mar2012


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2 Responses to My Weight Loss Experiment Results

  1. wartica says:

    Congratulations on losing the seven pounds so far;) Good luck and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. Mike says:

    Wonderful news. I know this works. Interestingly and as coincidence I also started my own weight loss experiment, with great sucess. In particular I agree with you, that smaller portions and more often throughout the day, work a great deal. I lost 25 kgs in 2 months. Not sure how that is in lbs as my mind works in metric system. I am still losing weight so keep an eye on my page too and if you ahev any advice please feel free to pass it on. All the best.

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