Good Results!

We may have lost an hour of sleep last night due to the time change, but I lost more than that in weight!  On my new frequent eating plan I’ve lost 4.8 lbs in 3 days!  Woot woot!  I guess it is working like the charm I thought it would when the idea hit me like lightning to my brain 3 days ago.
I’m eating anywhere between 7-9 times per day… how can that not rev up your metabolism?  The ‘watching the clock’ issue hasn’t been as hard as it seemed on Day 2, so maybe I’m getting used to it.
I also just matched (actually surpassed) the results I’d gotten in weight loss while trying raspberry ketones, so maybe it wasn’t the supplement after all… it was me.  Admittedly I was really more on track with my calorie range and deficit that week.  Ah well, since I’m allergic to the green tea in the raspberry ketone capsule, I will not be trying it again to find out.

If I count from my weight on Monday morning, I’ve actually lost 6.4 lbs so far this week.  That is by far record breaking for me as other than just 3 different weeks in the last year and a half, I haven’t managed to lose at least or more than 4 lbs in a week in the last 6 years.
Even though I prided myself on being a slow loser for most of my former project (because you learn more – permanent good habits and all – necessary for weight maintenance later), it really does feel DAMN GOOD to watch the scale decrease so rapidly!  I’m human… and yeah, it rocks as it more quickly dwindles the 100+ lbs I still have to lose.  Even if I managed to keep up this style of eating (which I already know would be impossible come early April when I’ll be on a vacation), I don’t think this seriously rapid weight loss will keep up… I wouldn’t expect it to, but who knows, I’m not going to jinx it either.
On to Day 4…
For today’s plans:  a hike at the state park with my sis & lots of fun outside with my family with all of our new(er) toys:  kick balls, Frisbees, badminton rackets & birdies, hula hoops, bubbles and of course, my not-so-new but trusty ol’ trampoline.
Fun fun!

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