Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Allergy

Although I come from the point of view of not relying on any “diet pills” to aid me in my weight loss journey (more so for the ones that trap fat so it isn’t digested), who could pass up a recommendation by Dr. Oz to take raspberry ketones to help lose fat?
He said it himself – do not use this as a magic pill – you should still be eating well & exercising.  Amen Dr. Oz.  Since I’ve been doing the food and exercise thing for over a year now, I thought hey, I could use a little help.  Why not?
So I ordered some raspberry ketones online.  I made sure I was ordering *just* the ketones and not to buy the pill with the other fillers in it.  I was actually surprised they were listed as “in stock” seeming any product Dr. Oz features seems to sell out and be on backorder status for a while after the show airs and I was watching a DVR’d episode weeks behind it had aired.
Once ordered I wait, and wait and wait.  Four days after the product was scheduled to arrive, it finally does.  What do I notice first?  It’s NOT what I ordered.  They included this card that said due to the demand of this product, the specific one you wanted may not have been available, so we’ve gone ahead and “upgraded” you to a similar product we think you’ll like.  Um, no.  They sent me the one with the fillers:  things like green tea, African mango & apple cider vinegar (also all things Dr. Oz has mentioned for help with metabolism/weight loss).  Not only that, but the quantity was HALF what I ordered, so it was the same price and would last half the time.
Why don’t I want fillers?  Besides wanting to know the effectiveness of *just* raspberry ketones has on my fat loss, I’m allergic to green tea.  I discovered this a few years ago and tested it a few times to be sure.  Whenever I drink green tea I get what I’d call a forehead headache.  The muscles tighten and ache just in my forehead just above my brows and it feels like I’d been scowling for hours.

After I rated the company very poorly on Amazon, my curiosity and drive to try the pill any way took over and I only hoped that the concentration of green tea would be low enough not to bother me.

The first day I took 2 pills as directed.  I was delighted that I did not get a forehead muscle ache, so I continued on.
In 5 days I lost 4.8 lbs which was the highest weight loss I’ve achieved in a week in 6 years!
And that’s where my good news ends.

Before the week was up, I started feeling very sore all over my body.  Sure, I’d been a bit more physically active as my hubby recently gifted me with some outdoor sports items (badminton rackets & birdies, a kickball, Frisbee), but that seemed pretty minor… just running up and down the hill in my back yard, kicking the ball, bouncing on our trampoline (a daily occurrence anyway), tossing a Frisbee and tennis ball.  I should not feel *that* achy from that!  But man was I sore… my joints ached, my right leg ached (tremendously… wanted to pull a Mrs. Ingalls and cut it off!  Wow, does that comparison age me!), arms ached, soreness and stiffness all over.  If I sat down for more than 15 minutes, getting back up was hard and painful and I felt every step I took I was so stiff.  It seemed like the only way to avoid that was to keep moving, which unfortunately lead to more soreness when I’d finally rest.
It was like adding injury to insult because I’d just had a milestone birthday and the pain started the next day.
So because I was in so much pain, I ended up staying on the couch more which ultimately lead to eating more and wouldn’t you know it, my weight went right back up almost immediately.  By the 5th day of pain I think I was up 6.4 lbs.  I also found myself extremely moody and with the weight gain, getting really down about it all (also not helping with food choices).
I got so down I decided to quit the raspberry ketone capsules because I thought “why bother?  I’m not even trying right now”.
And wouldn’t you know it, less than 24 hours after stopping the pills, my aches and pains just disappeared.  For the first day in a week I could live without pain killers and I no longer felt like I was 75 years old.

Holy crap – it was the green tea!
It all made sense… muscle soreness… exactly what I got just in my forehead from drinking it and now I know that apparently digesting it in capsule form made for whole body muscle pain!  Bad stuff for me.  I am staying away from that FOREVER!

So, long story longer, the raspberry ketones worked, but I can’t finish my bottle due to the other ingredients.  If I ever want to try them again, I’d better make the probably 40 minute drive to my nearest GNC or equivalent to find them without the fillers and NOT trust that some online distributor will actually send me what I friggin order!


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10 Responses to Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Allergy

  1. Well Done! You are doing great, why don’t you have a look at my blog, I’ve so far lost 3stone 8 and a half pounds and am writing a blog to share my secrets to hopefully inspire others 🙂

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  4. JoDonn says:

    You are my life saver. The past 2 weeks I have been so sore. Like a ran a 10k. I have taken Aleve, Ibuprofen, whatever I could find. I have googled fibromyalgia, arthritis…. but the thing that didnt make sense is it started all of a sudden. So I thought about the Ketones and googled muscle soreness and raspberry ketones and found your experience. BINGO! Thank you so much for sharing. You saved me. I am a mom of a new born and it has been so painful to pick him up and play. You are my Angel.

  5. SandyPham@earthlink.net says:

    I took RK-500 Xtreme for about 3-4 weeks and then, all of the sudden, I was sore all over. Random muscles hurt (dull, achy pain). I’ve also been goggling fibromyalgia and arthritis. I finally thought “what about those ketones I took briefly” and googled and found this blog – thanks so much Gwenacious. The only other ingredients in RK-500 Xtreme are calcium phosphate and magnesium stearate. I’ve been drinking green tea for years and love it (never had a problem). I’m wondering if it is the actual raspberry ketones that are causing the problem. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any of them for 3-4 weeks now and I’m still feeling like I have fibromyalgia. I think it is the raspberry ketones that are causing the problem and I will never ever take another diet supplement again. How stupid of me. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I’ve been exercising, weight lifting and eating well for a long time and I didn’t lose any weight so I saw it on Dr. Oz and thought, “Well, if a doctor recommends it and it’s just raspberries it must be okay.” I never lost any weight the whole time I took the dumb pills. I hope the pain goes away someday. Painful way to learn a lesson. I joined Weight Watchers a month ago and started tracking points and discovered that the main reason I’m overweight is because restaurant’s healthy things (like salads) are loaded with calories and fat. For example, the grilled shrimp and spinach salad at one place has 51 grams of fat before the dressing! They must soak the shrimp in a vat of butter before they grill it. If only I had tried that and avoided the raspberry ketones….

  6. Joy says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you luck. Maybe with your allergies and desire to be healthy, you should try seeing a naturopath to see what might be at the root of my allergies and pain. I have been meaning to try going to a naturopath myself as I have been struggling with allergy and muscle pain for years (inflammation?). I am a fraternal twin. Growing up and into adulthood my sister struggled with her weigh. Me, I can eat candy bars in bed, never exercise and basically stay the same weigh. My sister, who does not eat junk food and may have eaten slightly larger portions than me but certainly not large amounts of food, has always struggled with her weight….weighing over 300lbs and finally resorting to bypass surgery. This experience has often made me think that my sisters struggle with weight has been mainly because of the way her body burns fat. I don’t know why our bodies function differently but I do know that it would break my heart when I saw her taking on the blame for her weight struggles when to me, it seemed like I somehow got lucky and inherited the skinny gene and she inherited the gene that would cause her to inherit a lifetime of weight struggles. I don’t know, I am not a doctor. My opinion is that many people who struggle with their weight actually have more self control than people who are naturally thin. Because of this, if there is a healthy way to get the body back on track toward a more efficient and average way to burn fat, I say try it (as long as it is proven safe). Maybe it is a supplement. It makes sense to me to go to a naturopath to see if they are able to identify any solutions. And please remember to be kind to yourself and celebrate your accomplishments….no matter how small or large. An accomplishment is still a step forward. Good luck. PS Your picture shows beautiful bone structure in your face! Thank you for being brave enough to post it!

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