A New Plan

(This was originally at the bottom of my “Raspberry Ketones & Green Tea Allergy” post, but I decided to separate it into its own post)

Now that I was pain free again and in a much better head space (and unfortunately a total of 7.2 lbs up from my lowest weight achieved on this journey), I happily started right back to my usual routine of good food choices, moderation, and daily exercise.  Just going back to this behavior knocked off 1.8 lbs in 3 days.
While taking one of my walks on March 8th, I got a brilliant idea (OK, not so brilliant, just a twist on a well-known concept).
I was thinking about how most doctors, trainers, nutritionist and even weight loss programs recommended you to eat smaller meals more frequently – like eating every 2.5 – 3 hours, 5-6 meals per day.  I already know this works really well for me.  My body responds well to it and I find it much more efficient and certainly effective for revving my metabolism.
So it suddenly occurred to me – why not eat even MORE often?   – even smaller, healthy meals every 1 – 2 hours.  Sure, it could be a big pain in the ass for most people who have lives… jobs, commuting, meetings… but what about homebodies like me or people forced to be home all day because they’ve gotten so big they can hardly walk and are house bound?  This could work for anyone who mainly stays home all day (even stay at home moms with kids still at home).
I have the right conditions and time to pull this off… why not try it?

Day 1:  I ate 7 times during this day (didn’t think of the idea until after I’d had my breakfast & lunch already, otherwise it would have been more)

Day 2:  DOWN 2.2 lbs!!!  Woo hoo!  It’s working!  I ate 9 times this day

Day 3 (today):  MY DAMN SCALE DIDN’T WORK!  Stupid batteries gave me no warning they were dying and of course they are these special nickel sized 3V ones that I do not have extras of.  😦  Boo…
But seriously, I do feel lighter.  My face certainly looks smaller (I always show weight loss in my face first).
Half the day isn’t even done yet and I’ve had 3 meals so far.

I do have some “rules” & recommendations with this plan, but I’m not going into the details… yet… maybe I can sell my own weight loss book and help overweight homebodies of the world! 🙂

It have to admit it is becoming a bit tedious because I am tracking what, when and how long it takes me to eat whatever, so I’m watching the clock these days a lot more than I prefer (way too obsessive for the long term), but I’m attacking this like a scientist and I want to be as specific as possible and really keep track so I’ll have all the information.  My long term goal would be that this is just a training phase and that I could handle it in the future without feeling like I’m watching the clock constantly.

On another note, I was inspired to video myself the day I thought of this new plan and I found the old video I’d made back in December 2010 when I was exactly 37.2 lbs heavier (and was at the start weight of my weight loss journey) and I hadn’t watched it since I made it.
I took some screenshots to note the difference.  I can’t believe I’m doing this… I’ll have you note that this is the VERY FIRST TIME I’ve allowed a picture of my actual face in the WordPress world as I usually show my body and cut my head off. 😛
I have to say that unfortunately the screenshot comparison just isn’t as obvious as actually watching the videos (at least I don’t think so)… in the first video my jawline was barely present and I looked so “puffy” to me and in the second one I had a more present jawline the whole time (I’m obsessed with having a decent jawline!)

And never mind my physical appearance, the difference in my point of view and mindset was so vast!  Man I was in a bad place during that first video!  I felt badly for old me!  But at the same time it made me so pleased how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned about myself.  I know I have even more to learn, but what a difference a year+ makes!

Hubby is picking me up some new scale batteries tonight after working OT, so I can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow morning!
Stay tuned to check out the fate of my new plan!


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