Sickness, Walking & my “Scary Age”

I had considered attempting to blog at least once a week this year, but whoops… too late.  I can wrap up my last 3 weeks with 2 words:  Sick & Walking
Thankfully I am not sick of walking.
I’ve been sick since December 9th (as just verified by my post that day on Facebook… thank you timeline).  At first it seemed like just the run of the mill head cold, over shortly within 2.5 days and no major stuffiness because I did my usual treatment of Cold-Eeze and honey.  But alas my struggle was not over… I proceeded to get a cough right afterwards that HAS NOT GONE AWAY!
Then it seemed my cough (which annoyingly ranged from phlegmy to dry multiple times a day) was going away, but then WHAM!  Last Saturday I got the worst head cold I’ve ever had in years!  My Cold-Eeze and honey did NOTHING.  From Saturday afternoon until Tuesday evening I could not breathe through my nose… like at all.  Man I hate that.  It’s the worst thing to have to be a constant mouth breather!
My sleep issues (already a problem due to the coughing) were now made worse.
Although I can now breathe through my nose again, I’m still having trouble sleeping.  I attempt to go to sleep at multiple times and almost always feel tired, but over and over I find myself awake between 11:30 pm and 2 am.  Most times I just leave the bed.  Why lay there for 2+ hours?  Plus hubby seems to be getting sick and I didn’t want to disturb his sleep by me tossing and turning.
But I am quite happy to be able to breathe again.

As for the walking, I’d joined in the trend with some of my friends on Facebook New Year’s Eve to send out a challenge to exchange status “likes” for miles.  I only had 24 miles to complete and I completed them back on the 16th.  From there, I set out the next self-inflicted challenge:  to log at least 40 miles total for the month of January.  So here it is, the 26th (though by the time I post this, it’ll be the 27th) and I have 3 walking days left to complete my challenge and only 5.5 miles to go!  No problem.

I am unbelievably proud of myself that I have walked a minimum of at least every other day so far for this year.  Not once have I gone 2 days in a row without walking.  This is a first folks!  Especially when my cold was hitting me hardest, it was tempting to use it as the valid excuse it was and not walk this past Sunday & Monday, but I did anyway.  When this month is over, I will have spent the majority of the days walking.
Dare I say that I’ve passed the point of making this a habit?
Today was a non-walk day, yet for the first time during a non-walk day, I felt like I was forgetting to do something when my normal walking time came up and I almost walked anyway.  I take that as a very positive sign.

I think I’ll make it a personal goal to walk at least 40 miles every month.  There’s no reason I can’t keep up the schedule for at least the remainder of my son’s school year.  Having him home all day might make things tricky in the summer, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Other than walking and being sick, I guess the other item I can report on is my latest Biggest Loser Challenge via my team on Sparkpeople.  The challenge started on the 9th and as of today I’m down 4 lbs (which is down 4.8 lbs since my Jan 1st weigh-in).
This challenge has really helped me get back on track with eating and remembering to drink enough water.  I’ve also had to start logging my food every single day again as it is now part of the challenge to do this daily for the entire 8 weeks (it used to be just a one week challenge).  I appreciate this as it’s been rather nice to get a black and white reminder of what all the foods I choose to eat cost me in calories.  When you stop logging, you get a little lazy and a bit false when calorie estimating.

It suddenly occurred to me that these challenges are exactly what I could continue to do while still in my losing phase as well as when I finally get to maintenance.  That may seem like a silly/obvious statement, but I’ve come from a history of short-term gimmick type weight loss patterns… joining forums in various weight loss sites, starting a blog, having a specific event to prepare for, etc.  When it’s over, I usually completely disconnect and leave whatever method was working for me behind.
I never really saw myself continuing to blog forever about my weight, especially after I finally get to where I want to be.  Sparkpeople felt like one of those fads for me as well… either I’m on and I’m VERY on – logging food & water, emailing, sparking, keeping up with teams, updating pics & weights, etc or I’m not logging in at all.
This is the first time I’ve struck a happy medium.  While I was in-between challenges, I still logged in to update my info and check my mail, but I didn’t post on my teams or friend’s sparkpages.  Even now that I’m on a challenge, I’m not completely diving in like I would have several years ago… I’m doing what I need to do for the challenge and that’s all.  This is so doable for my future and I like that I’ve mellowed from my all or nothing tendencies.   But because of those tendencies and my fad/gimmick history, I worried about how I’d get focused and back in a groove when I need to be in my future.

I’d be a fool if I ever thought I’d reach my goal and then magically maintain that exact number.  I know it will fluctuate; I just really don’t want to find myself more than 10-15 lbs up from that number.  I know it will be hard to get back into a more regimented weight loss cycle again when I’ll need to and a BLC (which happen about 4-5 times a year) via Sparkpeople seems like the perfect answer…  team support, accountability, someone else dictating your week’s focus and keeping it interesting…  love it!

One last thing…

I’ve never admitted my age on this blog or in my 365/100 Project except to say I’m “in my 30’s”… well screw it – I’m coming clean.   I have exactly one month and then I’ll be turning 35.  This is my “scary age”.  I think most women have a scary age… turning 30, 40, etc.  For some reason I landed on 35 about being mine about 10 years ago.  I suspect 40 will be the next.  I certainly don’t feel like I’ll be 35 (and honestly stopped counting after I turned 27… seriously I was so unaware of my age that if someone asked, I’d have to think about it and do the math!)  But ever since I started thinking about having another child a couple of years ago, age has been a big factor in my mind.  This may seem silly, but I really wanted to at least get pregnant and be able to say I was still 34 at my first appointment, but sadly no, that won’t be true.  I think I’ve been scared by the things I’ve heard about how woman 35 & order get treated during pregnancy.  Like my body, ovaries and everything else are so much older than they were just 1 year ago when you would have left me alone.
I think I have big falsehoods about it all… well, I’m hoping anyway.  Given the shit I went through for my first pregnancy with the mean insensitive doctors and nurses concerning my gestational diabetes, I was hoping for a calmer, less stressful pregnancy the next time around.
It could still happen.
So there it is… I’m turning my scary age, but on the plus side I can now celebrate my first “thirty-faux” birthday (been waiting for that since I heard that term on a Sex and the City episode).


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