Accidental Yumminess

A lot of recipes I discover (especially concerning my shirataki noodle obsession) seem to come from sheer experimentation or by accident, but so do a lot of the great recipes out there, right?
Well today I discovered a new one to add to the list (with absolutely NO IDEA if such a thing is “common” – all I know is, I’ve never seen a recipe like this, nor have I gone looking for one).

After a not so healthy and filling breakfast followed by lots of water and some exercise, I found myself hungry for what would be a late lunch.
I started sautéing some onions, celery & carrot shavings in some olive oil to mix with shirataki noodles (a usual combo for me).  But I was so hungry that I knew I needed to snack on something while cooking to hold me over (and also so I wouldn’t down my meal in 3 seconds and still be hungry right afterwards).
I measured out 1 ounce of pistachios and began snacking.  At one point I still had some pistachios in my mouth while taste testing my veggies and voila!  I discovered how yummy they tasted together.  Normally I would never even consider mixing pistachios with veggies & noodles, but after tasting the combo I shelled the rest of the nuts and threw them into the mix.

I love discovering new (to me) recipes!  I especially like this one because it would work well in a pinch if I don’t have a one of my normal proteins (chicken, beef or fish) available and wanted to have protein with the meal.

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Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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