Holiday Freedom, Fresh Start

Happy New Year Holidays are Over!  So here it is a new beginning to a new year.  I’m so happy my blog already existed so I don’t fall in with the usual bunch that start up in January.  I have to admit it feels so much easier to start anew when the New Year comes.  To me it isn’t so much that a new year is starting (and so therefore a good time to think of goals & resolutions), but more like the holiday season ending, giving freedom from temptations, travel and obligations.
For a constant dieter (used only in the best sense of the word), January is needed after the crippling combo of overindulgence and laziness the holidays usually bring.  I was proud in my last post I’d managed to only go up 1 pound since the start of the holiday season, but alas I counted my chicks before they were hatched as I had not yet driven 24 hours and stayed with my in-laws for a week.

So yeah… I’m up 6 pounds now (the highest my weight has rebounded up in over a year).  I’d love to say it’ll just drop off like crazy, but somehow I’ve maintained it the last 3 days.  Doh.  I say “somehow” like I don’t know the crap I’ve been eating and lack of water in my life.  I know exactly how, but now I’m ready to do something about.
Today marked the first day we are back on a schedule.  I was up at 6 am, got my kiddo off on the school bus (Meany bus driver was early!  Who does that right after a 2 week vacation?) and hubby is up and getting ready for work.
I have my weekdays to myself again and no (good) excuse not to be productive… or at least more personally responsible for my actions at a minimum.
Right now I mainly need to work on my food choices again.  My breakfast of leftover artichoke & mozzarella stuffed sausage with homemade mac and cheese was probably not the best, but after being up for over an hour getting ready and getting my kid out the door, my stomach let out a rumble like I haven’t heard since before Thanksgiving.  A few egg whites were NOT going to cut it and everything else seemed like it would take too long, so leftovers it was.  I suppose it is better to have my “big meal” at the start of the day instead of the end though.
But now that those particular leftovers are out of the way, on to better choices for future snacks/meals for the day.  But it is going to be hard seeming there is both leftover lemon meringue pie and angel food cake in the house (boo!).
I probably need to re-shrink my stomach too.  I can tell I’ve stretched it out over the last 2 weeks.

The one thing that has been OK is my exercise.  We started the New Year off right by going as a family to the state park and going for a 2.5 mile hike.  Last night I bounced my son on the trampoline until I could hardly breathe (plus I’m STILL dealing with a cough/phlegm situation).
On New Year’s Eve I posted a status on Facebook that said if you “like” my status, I will walk or jog 1 mile in your honor and get it done within January.  Because of this self-inflicted challenge, I have 24 miles to walk/jog this month and I tend on getting that done.
I have also joined in for the next Biggest Loser Challenge via Sparkpeople starting next Monday.  I know this will be very helpful for me to get back to some basics and get me to start off on a positive note.
I always feel re-inspired this time of year anyway (again, mostly from escaping the holidays and all the usually bad stuff that comes with them) and this was also the very first time in my year-long project last year that I finally made weight loss progress, so my own history is inspiring me at the moment.
So here’s to a fresh start… for whatever reason.


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