Proud to be *up* 1 pound (let me explain…)

So I had all the good intentions in the world to write a “one month later” post back on the 15th of this month which would have marked the first one month anniversary since my 365/100 Project ended, but alas I did not.
I will completely blame it on the holiday busyness… and to be honest, laziness.
There has been some drama going on with my son’s first four months of kindergarten (the latest incident involving two first grader dipshits on his bus who got suspended from riding the bus for the next 3 months for giving my son a bloody nose) among other parental hurdles I’m trying to jump for the first time.  All I can say about that is that being a parent to a school aged child is more tricky than it used to be… at least that it seemed it used to be or my mom tells me how it was before.
Any who, my main focus of course centers back to my weight and health (can’t seem to truly get away from that, can I?  I think it’ll play center stage for a while).  Although I would have loved to keep on trekking and tell you that I’ve lost even more weight over the course of this last month, I am actually proud to admit I’ve only gained back 1 lb and that my weight has remained pretty steady over this past month.
Why am I proud of that?  Well, it’s the holiday season and you know that comes with way more temptations, not to mention the colder weather that makes you want to huddle inside and curl up on the couch and stay cozy, so really I go into any holiday season with the hope of just maintenance and limited gaining.
I am also proud because although I mentioned again and again that my original project was in no way the “end” of my weight loss journey, it did however mark the end of the pressure to lose and certainly the end of the accountability factor of sharing my weight with total strangers every Monday.  With this sort of “end” in my past, I would honestly have the tendency to go off the deep end and most likely gain some weight back in the first month… er… who am I kidding?  The first WEEK I could easily pack on 5-10 lbs no problem.  So the fact that I never went up more than 3 lbs from my last weigh in and that I got back to being just 1 lb more for the last couple of weeks really shocks and pleases me.
I must be doing something right this time.
My relationship with food is so different from a year ago that my newer healthier eating habits are just about the only thing keeping the weight from rebounding upward.
Here’s where I’m disappointed in myself… exercise.  I know for sure that it’s the lack of exercise that has stopped me from losing anymore and just managing maintenance.  It’s all very clear to me how crucial exercise really is to my weight loss.  Changing up my food is no longer a way I can lose weight for a long term… I *have* to exercise too to keep the weight loss going.
I did start up with taking walks with my sister at the state park every weekend again, but unfortunately it quickly became my only intentional exercise all week.  My walks at home faded… I think I’ve only walked maybe 3 times in the last month, strength training with my weights and exercise ball has completely gone away and I haven’t popped in any exercise videos in months.  The only other exercise that actually increased was trampoline bouncing with my son (and wow has that done wonders for my legs and butt and I can even tell my stamina is so much improved!)  Although I haven’t lost any more weight, my legs, thighs and hips feel smaller and my pants are looser than before, so those are some very positive signs.
But bouncing aside, I feel so much lazier in general from where I’ve been in the last 5 months.  At this point I just want to get through the holidays (which involve a minimum of 24 hours in a car traveling  and 5 days at the in-laws) and then come home and start fresh with the New Year.  This worked for me well last year as I finally got a boost in my weight loss for the first time in January and kept going from there.
These days it seems that shopping, wrapping gifts, doing artwork (gift related), laundry, playing Cityville (and Castleville – damn my friends for forcing me into that!) and watching TV take precedence over any exercise or house cleaning.  Seeing that Christmas is less than a week away, I’m finally done with shopping & wrapping, but now I’m readying myself for the long trip to my in-laws by making lists, cleaning and getting organized… you know, when I’m not playing Facebook games or watching TV.
Plus my son is out of school for this week, so I have the added distraction of having no break from him that I’m usually used to (though I take relief in not having to worry “I hope everything is going ok at school today” or praying that if the phone rings that it’s not the school county name on my caller ID).

And although I just praised myself on better food choices, I have to say that I’ve gotten quiet lazy with the actual act of cooking dinner.  I apparently get very apathetic about it after just a short period of being served and not having to cook.  I have been bad about cooking dinner ever since our family trip to Myrtle Beach where of course we ate out for every meal.  I so easily get in this “but I don’t wanna cook” mode (it’s never really been a favorite activity of mine in the first place) and since my hubby is basically useless in the kitchen, if I don’t cook it usually means we order out.
Another factor is that my hubby has been working some serious overtime and the paychecks have never been better, so with this little financial cushion, I think it’s making me feel less guilty about all the money going towards food these days (and well, hubby sure doesn’t seem to mind either!  Not helping!)
I guess the good part about it all is that I’m not particularly craving “naughty” foods, I just don’t want to cook.  Sometimes this ends in us just eating big salads for dinner or leftovers or leftovers in salads.  So here again, my healthier habits with food save me from blowing up like a balloon.  That and I graze on very little all day (even too lazy to make the damn food for myself… I’ve been mainly living off those prepared salad bags – I love the very veggie one – and putting some organic dressing on it and calling it a day).  So my low calorie days off set any high calorie dinner indulgences… that must be what’s happening for me to eat the things I have lately and still not gain.
I’ll take the positive where I can get it and honestly can’t wait to get back in a healthier groove and get moving again after the New Year.  And I actually really mean that.

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