A Fresh Start

This is a fresh start on a new chapter in my life.
I just finished my 365/100 Project today (my first blog and longest weight loss plan I’ve ever attempted).  My quest to lose 100 lbs in a year ended with a 40 lb weight loss and so much knowledge gained about myself and what is good for me.
With a clearer sense of what works for me and what my achievable and realistic goals are, my journey continues here… with much less focus on just my weight.

As I sit here on my new (to me – used and cheap!) couch with my purple laptop, I’m enjoying some homemade butternut squash soup for lunch on this absolutely gorgeous fall day here in the south.

The weather has been fantastic enough so that I haven’t had the AC or heat on in over a month!!!  This is a record!  I’m loving my electric/gas bill!  Sure, there were a few my-nose-and-toes-are-frozen desperate moments where we had a quick fire in the gas fire place to take the chill off after reaching lows in the 30’s overnight, but we still haven’t turned the heat on officially.
And today the temp is back in the 70’s again… so beautiful.  My windows are open and the fresh air is blowing through.  As much as the heat sucks being in the south in the summer, the winters totally rock.  This statement came from a true New England girl who claimed she’d never, EVER prefer to live in the south.  But life threw a curve ball and now I’ve been living in the south for a little over the last 2 years for my hubby’s work.

Tomorrow I am going to visit my doctor and get my latest health stats.  The last time she saw me I was 25.6 lbs heavier (though because I’ll be weighed in fully clothed, it’ll probably only end up showing a 20 lb loss).  I’m really hoping my cholesterol has improved and that my glucose is a little less teetering on the brink of being pre-diabetic.  You would think that my numbers would have improved given my healthier eating, more consistent exercise and weight loss over the last 9 months.  If they don’t, that’ll be a serious head scratching moment.

Even though it’s any other day, this really feels like another beginning… like I was a contestant on a weight loss show and I’ve been set free and now I’m home.  I suppose this is what this blog will be like… what happens “after”.


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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