Preparing for the future

So today I started my second blog in preparation for when my current one (The 365/100 Project) ends on 15Nov2011.  This will be where I continue my weight loss goals without the deadline constraints and also to include more of a focus of the other aspects of a healthy life besides losing weight (though don’t get me wrong, I still need to lose a bunch of weight and will continue to do so).
Although I thought I needed that deadline/goal, so far as I’ve gotten behind, I found it a source of negativity and self-doubt and that has loomed over me and gotten the better of me.  (Here I am, currently 8 months into the project and have only maintained a 20 lb loss.)
I admit though that a deadline focused blog did help put a “fire under my ass” a few times, but that positive effect happened less often than the negative one so I made the decision months ago (maybe 6 months into the Project) that I would not base my next blog on a time constraint.
So many times I was losing weight at a normal and healthy rate (1-2 lbs per week) but at one point that wasn’t enough to meet my goal, so I never felt like my effort was enough when in reality and in the grand scheme of life, I was losing weight the healthy way and for long term results (which after all, is my goal as I want to be able to maintain my weight loss and not have to repeat the big weight loss process all over again).
So here I go… a blog I can live with and won’t get me down.

I’m certainly not giving up on the 4 months I have left of my original project… who knows what I can achieve for the last 3 months when I have several hours at home alone while my son starts school and no excuses of being distracted.

For now, on this gorgeous, hot summer day, I happily sit indoors in the AC working on my purple laptop while devising a way I can still keep an eye on my little man outside in our small blow up pool and not be blinded by the sun… enter masking tape on the ugly vertical blinds! 


About gwenacious

Always a person in progress. On a mission of self-improvement and exploring my artistic side.
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